Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday!

It was an ugly, rainy day in Atlanta- so of course I had to be properly outfitted! It never fails that it rains when
  1. I straighten my hair the night before
  2. I leave my Marmot at Ordy's house. I hate not having a rain jacket

Jacket: Pac Sun (Hurley)
Shirt: Dillard's
Skirt: Target
Tights: Dick's (I love Nike running pants for tights- wayyyy thicker and warmer!)
Galoshes: Burberry (Christmas present from Ordy Boy last year)

**please don't judge me for the messy background or the grainy picture**

Since i'm new at linking up, i'm not doing all week- because i don't have pictures but maybe next week I'll do better at taking pics!

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  1. You dress so cute! I need fashion help BAD, so i would love if you did this every week! or every day... :)

  2. thank you all!! I think i am going to do it every wed! i think it was cute/fun even if no one looks- it beats not having a post at all! lol. I am flattered you think so!!

  3. I just donated my Nike running tights to Goodwill! Aaaaaaaa! Now I have to go buy them back. Who would have guess that I could wear them with a skirt.. You are a genius, oh and I want the wellies too!

  4. Might as well buy them back from Goodwill before buying them back from a sporting store- those things aren't cheap!!!!

    and my sister just told me they have burberry galoshes on SALE NOW at the nordstrom rack semi annual!!! now is your chance to get some 50% off!!!

  5. Hey girly! I hope ya don't mind that I linked up your outfit here on my blog....If ya do I will remove....I LOVED the lace skirt / rain boots combo SO MUCH I copied :)

  6. of course I don't mind, thank you! It is a great get up! haha