About The Mutt

...And I mean "mutt" in the most loving way possible :) I mean he made the Christmas Card, he's family! 

Bandit is my 80+ pound dog (creeping up into 90lbs and who knows where from there)...  that I received as a gift from my mom last Christmas. It was the best gift ever. She gave me a friend, a cuddler/spooner, and a body guard- all in one. He was supposed to be a full bred pit (and he might still be...) but after all the vets and the 'expert opinions' we're pretty sure he's 1/2 Pit Bull 1/2 Great Dane- how that worked, who knows?

Fun Facts About Bandit
  • He's 80lbs of pure muscle. No fat jiggling here.

  • He has the scariest bark. The mailman no longer drops mail through the slot. I come home to letters dropped on my doormat. (So, if I haven't responded to an invite RSVP- you know why...)
  • He is the sweetest puppy I have ever had (I used to have a dachshund, a Pomeranian, a shitzu/sharpei, an Australian shepherd, and a German shepherd and Bandit is BY FAR the nicest, friendliest, cutest, sweetest, and most precious dog)

  • He is the biggest bed hog. As I type he is encroaching on my side of the bed, but I love him too much to care/mind/do anything. He is the BEST spooner! He will let me hold him all night
  • He ONLY does his business in mine or Ordy's backyard. NO WHERE else. (Not even when I took him on a road trip to TX, no rest area relief for him- after 36 hours we were worried and drove the 10 hours back to let him pee in the backyard upon our return... crazy mutt)
  • He goes by the nicknames: Whammers, Wham-shalam, Wham-Bam, Bam-Bam, and Chewbacca
  • He is a gentle giant and will lick you to death. He gets along great with my niece and nephew

  • He isn't the brightest dog in the world, and failed obedience school. He was the dog that was constantly sprayed with the water gun in class to 'pay attention'... as long as he doesn't pee in the house, behaves around guests, and doesn't chew EVERYTHING I own...he can stay dumb.
  • He makes the WEIRDEST howling noises when he TALKS to us. He can talk to us. Yep. And he sounds just like Chewbacca. One day I will catch it on video and make millions... just wait. 
  • He loves everything I love (popcorn) and hates everything I hate (celery, peanut butter, mushrooms) and he even kind of resembles me... jk. But we do have the EXACT same hair and eye color :) I mean, he is my son...
  • He is the only dog I know with audible farts. They stink AND they make noise. Awesome. These fart noises actually scare him... he will wake up startled, and stare at where it came from SO confused...yeah, not so bright.