Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tennessee Thrifting!

This post is long overdue! A few Saturdays ago, Ordy and I decided it would be a fun idea to head down (or up rather) to Tennessee and spend our Saturday toolin' around time with Laina and The Guff .

It won't be truthful to say everything went according to the plan... Ordy was under the impression that their hubbies would be in tow- half way to Tennessee I got a text that said it was "us girls".... ruh-roh. I didn't even know how to break the news to Ordy... so I didn't. Poor guy got blindsided when we pulled up to Laina's cabin and there were no boys in sight... He thought I suckered him into a girl's trip! Aw, I would never ever ever do that!!! After a five minute pow-wow and me explaining myself to him, he really did put his game face on and was a real trooper! Another reason why I am obsessed with that boy, he woke up at 5 am, picked me up, and drove me to Tennessee just to go thrifting with a bunch of girls. He's the best.

Back to the trip- here are a few outside pics of the adorable cabin!! For more visit her blog and poke around! She has a true talent for giving things a second life!

If you follow me on twitter, you know a few of the places we stopped by, but I'll go ahead and post more pics. 
This thing was $50 and 1/2 off it came to $25...but I was holding out for a Queen Anne couch not a chair and it was so soon in the morning I held off... Sad, because look how cute it could have been!!!

The Guff being silly while scoping out some goodies

I kind of wanted this to match my nightstand, (the legs/curves matched) but I didn't want the extra headache of adding height to match the one I have now... $10...

$1 Timex clock I debated getting

$5 Mirror and Kleenex tray I also debated purchasing

I don't remember how much this mirror was...maybe $15?

Cute Settee, just not the style I was holding out for..

Ok, here is where I'm going to preach a little...

This particular mirror has been at that particular thrift store for months (and months)... and the sticker said $30...!!! REALLY? you can get a brand new, not cracked one from Ikea for $24!!!! I was shocked. I offered $10 and THE OWNER STILL SAID NO! really?? You are a thrift store- it was donated! it's obviously not selling, you're really going to deny an easy $10?! I was so annoyed I couldn't help think about these greedy thrift store prices all over... So wrong. It was donated for crying out loud- if I knew the person dropping it off and offered her $4 for it she would've taken it- why wouldn't you?! Especially for being there on your wall for so long. Ridic. Moving on. 

I have this same exact bowl in my living room! Didn't expect it to be $75...

THIS is what I want. What I drool over. $325... I brought the lady down to $200 but Ordy said it was still too much for as much work as I wanted to put into it. He thinks I should look for a more "fixer upper" one to make my own for under $100... So that's all I've been looking for. 

I really liked these... we didn't ask how much because after everything else we inquired about was triple the price we expected, we just browsed and enjoyed the stuff.

We finished the trip to a visit to Estate of Confusion, which was a glorified junk yard where two random guys make up prices. Think I'm kidding? One guy quoted Alaina $20 for a galvanized trash can and when I asked the other guy he said $5 or 10... I think $5 I can't remember now. Score for her!

This particular cat was obsessed with Ordy and followed him around everywhere! I caught him cozyin' up to me and snapped a pic... I LOVE sweet cats- I'm not a cat person, but sweet cats make me happy.

My apologies for posting so late, I've been side tracked with summer and life! I'm still adjusting!


  1. Looks like ya had a fun trip...even if that beauty of a setee didnt find its way home with ya :0) And what a trooped your mister is!

  2. Looks like fun! I completely agree with the ridiculous prices of thrift stores. I've had the same problem with our local thrift stores lately. They had a dresser priced at $350. When we asked about the high price they claimed it was antique.... ha ha ha