Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIWW! Finally Back!

Is there a rule against combining three weeks of WIWW from your camera but couldn't post because of finals? Oh, Lindsey, I hope not! HAHA! Linking up with the Pleated Poppy for the first time in a LONG time!! Starting from Easter Weekend on...

Dinner out with Ordy Boy: 
Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan: NY&CO 

Easter Morning!

Cardigan: Same NY&Co one
Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Puerto Rican store find
Necklace: BFF's Borrowed

Class Outfit: (I tricked Emily into thinking I wasn't wearing an elastic waistband like I normally do... I totally was. JEGGINGS!)
Shirt: Target BF tee
Jeggings: TJMaxx
Shoes: Same PR ones
Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack

Yard Sale Day:
Harajuku Lovers Shirt
Rich & Skinny Jeans
Puerto Rican shoe store (racking up on those sandals!) 

Thrifted Plaid Shirt
Rich & Skinny Jeans
Rainbow Sandals
Gap Terry Cloth Hoodie 


(Out shopping with my adorable Bobo!)
Shirt: Gift from my Step Mom
Seven Skinny Jeans
Gap City Flats

Premiere Night to Something Borrowed with my sis!
The lovely Emily Giffin (Author of Something Borrowed) and I!

Target Tank
NY&Co Blazer
Tory Burch Clutch
Black Skinny Jeans 
Adorable Shoes!

Running Errands- doing nothing- ENJOYING SUMMER!

American Eagle Tanktop
Target Cardi
Nordstrom Rack Cargo pants
Charlotte Russe Sandals

And that's that!! Hope y'all dont mind the mash up! I am so happy to get back into WIWW! Bring on the accountability :) Although, I will say... For my anniversary gift this weekend, I had Ordy get me running gear to get me motivated to start working out... so I'm afraid future WIWW might consist of athletic clothes! I HAVE TWO BEACH TRIP PLANS APPROACHING!! AHH!!! At least they're cute! Right?


  1. hahaha! Loved your comment. I'm glad you visited again!! It's been a while! :) And I'm SO glad you like my blogs new look. I'm loving it. Those running shoes are awesome!! And I love your "last final ever" outfit! Super cute!!

  2. I bought the striped cardigan from Target. So Spring. You rock it.

  3. Oh my word! Who is "Bobo"? He is so cute! a classy, well dressed, old man sort of way. He was my favorite part of this post! =) No offense to you of course, you're very beautiful. =)

  4. I have to agree...Bobo is adorable!

  5. I just think it's so awesome that you met Emily Giffin! You look adorable in all your outfits!

  6. been voting for you everyday over at vintage revivals hope you win girl!

  7. Love all the outfits...can't pick a fav when they all are adorable!

  8. i love love love your fashion sweetie!!!

  9. lovin' your bright yellow cardigan! I have combined some weeks, too;)

  10. You are SO right we do have the same taste! I also have the striped cardi from Target! :) Love your outfits!

  11. Hi Joon! I saw your blog on WIWW at the pleated poppy. You have such a cute blog! I will be back to see more of your adventures and your cute projects!