Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Blush to Keep You Busy

I am so overwhelmed. I am two seconds away from a nervous breakdown, if I haven't had one already.

All I have is a groom and a dress. Does anyone smell a destination wedding with just the family?? I think...

Anyhow, before I sink into my deep depression before 9 am again, I'll just give a brief update... My dream venue is taken. The annoying lady was rude enough to let me visit, fall in love, think about it non-stop, just to tell me none of my dates are available. THANKS FOR NOTHING, MEANIE!

We have 2 venues to visit this week... Next weekend we're attending my friend Lori's wedding so that will take up an entire wedding planning weekend, but instead of freaking out, I'm attempting to view it as a much needed mental vaca... and I can TOTALLY be on "clean up crew", Lori... aka scoop up whatever you need to while you go off on the honeymoon! :)

The venues we're going to see are Ordy's favorites... they're back to the barn... as overwhelmed as I've been with barn weddings, it's our only choice now with my venue being taken and not wanting a fancy hotel wedding WE wouldn't even feel comfortable at. Sorry if I've gone back and forth- beggars can't be choosers! It's not that I'm settling, but yes, I really wanted the other venue! But, I must move on. With 157 days left, I need to pick a place so I can start invitations, etc.

I have a paper due every Thursday in October, a random final exam next Friday, and the MPRE on Nov 5th. I can't even take it... I need to get a venue just so when I go to type my paper I don't find myself googling venues!

Enough about my rough schedule. On to things that make me smile and think, "will this day ever come?!" More blush and gold inspiration...

great bridal shower look!!! Hint hint sher

my dream dress. i'd wear it the entire week of. rehearsal. bed. anywhere.

love rifle paper for inspiration for invites

another great shower idea :) 

Anyway, I promise, once I finish being a student/wedding planner, I'll come back to being a better blogger. Thanks for hanging in there for the 4 readers I may have left! Any ideas are appreciated!

One thing my dad shared:

"There are people with $100,000 weddings, and people with $10,000... and every person regrets SOMETHING about their wedding and wishes they could do SOMETHING differently. You'll never please EVERYONE, everyone has different taste- what you think is trendy, someone traditional will think it's the tackiest thing ever... but don't ever forget an elaborate wedding doesn't make her marriage any better than the girl with the simple one. It's about the marriage, not the wedding. You have the best groom waiting for you at the end of the aisle and that's all that matters. "

Amen. Gotta love dad's lectures/pearls of wisdom :)


  1. Wait, which venue was taken!? That totally stinks!! Is it a possibility to change the date?? We had to do that 6 TIMES because the freaking Marine Corps kept changing up when Colby would be gone for training haha. Hope you find one soon!

  2. I'm sorry you're so stressed out! I have a bit more time than you and I'm feeling it too. I hope you find a wedding venue that you absolutely LOVE soon! Love that color pallette too!

  3. oh my gosh, where did you see that dream dress?! i WANT it! i think i'd probably sign my life over for that thing.

  4. Oh how I wish things were going better for you! Our favorite venue was originally booked through all of June when we looked at it 15 months before our wedding. I asked the lady to put us on the wait list for a day in June, and we were going to go with a day in May or July. Luckily, the June 25th couple pushed their wedding back. You're probably too close to be waitlisted, but just know that everything works out in the end.

    Could you have a 2-3 hour away destination wedding? Most of our wedding guests had to drive 2-4 hours to our wedding. Our ceremony started at 5:30PM, so people could drive in on Saturday and only have to pay for 1 night in the hotel instead of 2...

  5. I must say that your dad is right! We got married last year and actually had two weddings, one in the states and a destination wedding. Talk about stressful!! Anyway, the one thing I would have changed was not sweating the small stuff, because at the end of the day most people won't even notice. I spent so much time worrying about others and making sure that everything was perfect and looking back I would have just spent more time enjoying the day and the people there with me. Good luck to you, and if you need any tips I also work as a wedding planner and I am happy to offer free advice to another blogger!

  6. Your dad is a smart one!!!!! Sorry things are not going as planned!!!

  7. Wow beautiful photos! I especially like the one of the bride and bridesmaids with their backs to the camera - because the one woman with the wings tattooed on her is awesome!

  8. Hang in there, sweetie! Your dad gave you some great advice....

  9. It'll work out! I had a similar experience and small budget and it was the most beautiful wedding ever (of course, I'd think that since it was mine) but I love personal details and 'e-knowing' you like I do, it's going to be magical. :) I love your dad's advice!

  10. My husband and I wanted to get married outside. We were going to do it on the 4th of July and not tell anyone that's what we were doing. Have a big BBQ, tell everyone to grab their lawn chairs and get married. Ended up at a park on Halloween instead. My mother in law told me our marriage wouldn't work out because we weren't getting married in a church, I promptly told her to kiss my ass. We've been married for almost 10 years :) Relax and make it fun. If you stress over this too much it will ruin your whole experience!