Monday, September 26, 2011

Pink is my fav-o-rite colahhh

Ok, if you know me in real life- you know this is the biggest, fattest, juiciest, omg-blasphemous lie. Pink is my least favorite color. I hate it. Everything about it makes me cringe. The only time I like it is in nail polish.

I always said if I have a baby girl- she will have a yellow, lavender, or turquoise room- no pink in sight. I think it's mostly the way people {obnoxious girls} freak out and do pink overload, but in general I have always loved cooler colors, with the exception of my absolute favorite color, yellow.

I always thought I'd have a yellow and grey wedding. My obsession for yellow and grey is seen in my decorating throughout the house, but I didn't LOVE the idea once I started to envision my actual wedding details.

I have to get something off my chest. I'm obsessed with something lately and I'm almost ashamed to admit, I owe my nemesis, the color pink, a huge apology. So here it is.

WHEW! Now that that's taken care of... I can continue wedding theme searching with a clear conscience!

I am in love with blush tones for the wedding and have always loved antique gold- the two pair SO WELL together! White, as the third color is obviously wedding appropriate. Natural brown wood tone is another great complimentary hue, along with linen and burlap.

Here are some inspiration palettes thanks to the perfect palette!


love the grey and white stripes!

Gold hues
color inspiration- boys wearing gray suits

I am so excited about choosing blush as our main color... can I show you my stellar wedding shoes??!?

I'm pretty obsessed. And I've never had so much fun trying to break them in, prancing around in my house with them (ignoring that I'm in an oversized sweatshirt and old boxers with a messy afro)...

Of course, since I've never worn heels over 3 inches for longer than 3 minutes, I will be "dancing" (omg just the thought makes me want to cry/puke), and socializing during the reception in my lace toms that Ordy boy got me. LOVE my wedding shoes!!! 

So... to sum it up- I think I more than made up for my lifetime disdain of pink by including the ol' girl in my big day!!!


  1. The shoes are out of control gorgeous. I love the pinks and gold. Beautiful combination.

  2. I love your color scheme-- so pretty! Our wedding colors were pink and green. Those shoes are beautiful!

  3. Love!!! Of course I'm biased as I had pink in my wedding. ;-) love the shoes!!! :-)

  4. LOVE the color palette Joon!!! Wow - it looks s pretty. And those shoes!! They are seriously fabulous!
    It's so fun seeing how everything is coming together!!

  5. Those colours are awesome! Not TOO pink!
    Also, I LOVE your lace Toms, that is such a cool idea. :)

  6. Now that I got Google Chrome I can FINALLY comment again woohoo!! I can't wait to wear our BLUSH bridesmaids dresses!! SO so pretty - I'm glad you and "pink" are now on speaking terms. This wedding will be gorge.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the blush color. So classic and romantic! And those lace Toms are awesome!

  8. I love the shades of blush you have rounded up. So elegant and romantic!

    Its my first time visiting your blog & its lovely!

  9. Stumbled on your blog today. Love! And I'm totally with you on the pink. My daughter got an Orange and brown room with a FEW hints of pink. I kinda like pink and grey together sometimes too, but its a secret.

  10. Ahh! I love those shoes! Both pairs :-) I think i need to do some toms shopping

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  11. Love the shoes! Went to Tom's website but can't seem to find the lace ones..where did you get it??

  12. I too love pink and peach too. Hills in light pink with a rose in front looks awesome. I would like to have one like this. It looks romantic on wedding day :) - Designer mother of the bride