Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cabin Fever (I'm SO Unoriginal!)

I'm pretty sure every Cabin trip is titled that. So sue me. At least I'm updating the blog :) No sense in getting hung up on all my cheesy post titles lately!

Every year, Ordy's family heads up to Blue Ridge to the cabins. I look forward to it every fall! We take our time driving out on Thursday so we can hit up the antique stores and all the great finds. 

Things we spotted and loved!

I'm dying to do a mantle headboard for our master bedroom when Ordy moves in! I'm convinced this would have been the PERFECT one...

See this picture? The cute fiance in the reflection is actually VERY upset and almost left me there... it was the millionth ornate mirror I bought and he was SO MAD after our yard sale last month I was still buying "junk". Um, this baby is awesome, not junk!

My sister is obsessed with all things vintage kitchen- this cute apron would have completed the collection :)

After milk glass- this is my obsession. My dad gave me two plates that were his grand mothers and I'm determined to own more pieces... I forget the name EVERY time. Someone help a sister out. China? Fire? King? ugh. who knows.

Loveeeed this mirror for my niece's room. It was only like $18 but I wasn't sure if my sister would want it. She has a tendency to not text back whenever I ask her- and if I don't buy it when she doesn't respond, yell at me. If I buy it, she'll say, "why'd you get that...??" and just throw it away... You'll see what I mean soon!

I love this song so much and it was a cute little canvas print that I might recreate for an area for the wedding. 

So here is what I'm referring to... with the ungrateful sister :) 

I saw this INCREDIBLE tufted bed in the corner- JUST THE RIGHT SIZE for a little nugget like Kayden and freaked out! I texted 90 texts and no response. I knew my sis was looking for a toddler bed and thought it was sooooo perfect and lush/glam! well, I was scared we'd leave and drive too far to come back so I bought it. Even when she got to her phone she wasn't digging the bed :( And I got in a fight with Ordy because he was SO ANNOYED I was hauling this stuff around... More annoyed when she didn't even want the bed. boohoo. I think it's so cute. If I had room I'd keep it for my futre girl, EJG or ARG. :) I can just see it now with milk glass lamps and a gold ornate mirror above her dresser! 

Anyhow! On to the cabin! After a stressful antiquing day, we finally got to the cabin in time for dinner... We had the best weekend just enjoying each other's company and relaxing- so I'll just post pictures that don't really need captions!

love seeing the gorgeous colors!


One day... 

I tweeted this pic last night... but this is why I'm worried about our engagement session this Sunday!!!! HE CANNOT BE SERIOUS FOR TOO LONG!!!! I mean, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my funny face!!!!! 

my hands were freezing stuck in my pocket and he decided to do that on "3"... 
take 1: he whipped my hair in front of me on the count of "3"... take 2: He completely ignored the camera... Take 3: MUCH better... we can take SOME serious pictures every now and then :) 
That's all for now! I can't believe I've been on top of updating!!! Crazy what you do to avoid having to study :) 


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Well, minus the adventures in antiquing. You should totally keep the toddler bed. I almost bought the most adorable paisley printed toddler chair at Home Goods once. Do I have a daughter? No. Will I have a daughter? Eh, 50/50 shot.

  2. Looks like fun! LOL at the bottom picture with him ignoring the camera!

  3. I love that white bed! So cute!! My Daniel takes pictures the same way & I love how they turn out after. Even if it is a pain during :)

  4. Hi there! your hair looks amazing! The glassware is called Imperial Glass. I have a ton of it from my mom and grandma. It is so pretty!

  5. oh that little bed is so cute!! i love it :)

    cute pics!

  6. Can't believe your sister didn't like that bed!

  7. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your greyish boots in your pics! Where did you get them?!?! Seriously your pictures are soo cute!