Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Daily Routine

After a few people asking me about my skin care routine on twitter and facebook or in person, and finally Morghen asking me on instagram- I decided I'd finally share what I do to my skin to get it the way it is...

I say finally because I needed an excuse to update this thing :)

Soooo if you've ever been curious what I wash up with or what make up I wear... Here goes! I will explain the make up routine for "important events" (going out, parties, meetings), and day-to-day routine... which is usually NO make up but if I do then it's the drug store kind :)

no make up post would be complete without a before and after... 

**I've linked them all up to Amazon where you can find anything, but I'm not affiliated with Amazon nor do I receive any compensation if you buy anything- it's not a referral, just the easiest way to show y'all**

1.) I just sweep on some Maybelline bronzer with a Kabuki brush
2.) Stila Mascara: Forever Your Curl


1.) I will VersaSpa my face the night before 
2.) Then just smear on some Smashbox Creamy Blush. LOVE THIS STUFF! 

1.) I "prime" my face with this Stila One Step Correct (miracle in a bottle). Basically, it evens out your skin tone but I noticed this helps me the most because SOME days I'm red (so the green helps), some times I have a yellow under tone, so the purple ribbon helps... But combined- it COMPLETELY changes all the discoloration in my face. I can't believe I ever lived without it. This and my tinted foundation (coming up next) will never leave my make up bag. 

2.) Dr. Dennis Gross All in One Tinted Moisturizer (I get this from Sephora, and because it's a little pricey, I'd ask them for a sample. They give you a squirt in a jar and you can try it first). I LOVE this stuff because it truly makes my skin glow. I feel like it makes my face look flawless. All it takes is a half squirt and you're golden. literally. 

3.) I use a kabuki brush to apply... 

4.) My Bare Minerals, Bare Escentials Warmth bronzer. 

5.) More smearing of some cream blush... (link above)

6.) and finally this amazing mascara from Tarte... It makes my lashes so full in three swipes. 

7.) A little wipe of Mac Nymphette (light pink makes me look tan)

1.) I didn't know where this one belongs... because it's REALLY my refresher "toner" I usually put it on before I put make up because I feel like it "wakes me up". But sometimes, I use it to get my eye make up off at nights because it's kind of oily and helps. 

2.) Then I put some good ole Cetaphil 

3.) on my LOVELY CLARISSA! My Clarisonic MIA

4.) and put some Crest 3D White Toothpaste

5.) on my Sonicare!  (Side-note: My teeth have gotten significantly whiter since I've gotten my sonicare... I SWEAR. It really helps you brush better!) This one is affordable and totally worth it. 

6.) Ok, this is my absolute favorrrrrite part of the night. This is what my dad brings me every time he goes to Sweden. Last time I was lucky enough to get 7 but after my step-mom stole one and my sister the other (they wanted in on this goodness too), I ended up running low. But dad went back last week and we're good now! I didn't realize I could get it off Amazon... but now I know! 

7.) If you use this at nights... you will wake up to the softttesttt lips ever. I can't not use this. double negative. I know. but it's that serious. 


Any questions? Truth be told... my favorite thing to do is: get a tan and not wear anything but mascara and lip gloss. But in an effort to be open with whatever I do WHEN I do something (make up related)... I have posted this to help, so hope it helps! 


  1. It's fun seeing what's in people's makeup bag! If you ever want to try some MK products let me know! I am a MK consultant and would love to send you some things to try! :)

  2. Thanks for motivating me to get out of bed and wash my make-up off. :)

  3. Thanks pretty lady!! I enjoyed this post. Do you like the effect of these mascaras better than your Givency ball mascara??

  4. i'm lucky if i rem to wash my own face, lori hahaha but honestly the clarisonic is still new and exciting to me...

    melanie, if i tell you the truth do you promise not to judge me??? I LOVE the givenchy mascara... it's just hard to apply while driving!!! EEEEKKK which is where i put all my make up on! hahaha!!! but i like them all equally :) I just need to put the givenchy on while standing still in a mirror at home. haha

    1. no biggie..too funny, I do the same, I apply the other make-up in the house but my mascara always goes on in the car! The time it takes to apply and perfect- I can already be getting onto the freeway. Today the lady driving behind me was brushing her teeth and then putting contacts in her eyes...and I thought I was talented! Hope your enjoying Spring and your special moments, I think your wedding date was in March...?? be well!

  5. You're amazing. The end. I'm dragging Colby with me tonight to our local Ulta to attempt to get as much goodness as I can. Thanks, Doll!

  6. I use Cetaphil too, it's awesome! Also, you have amazing skin, even without makeup. I wish mine was half as good. :O