Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bridal Shower #1

I am SO sorry for the lack of updates (*ahem, Kim...) I told myself I would NOT let myself go to bed tonight with at least a SHORT update of what is going on! I just assume everyone follows me on twitter and knows how close I am to nervous breakdowns with the wedding being SIX weeks away... wha??!?! I feel like I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!

Since my update tonight is playing catch up with my life- it would only be fair to let you know that my weekends consist of wedding showers and wedding planning. I work 20 hours at the court house and go to school the rest of the time. I have Fri/Sat/Sun to call vendors, make appointments, find suits at every Macy's in the continental United States, and manage to put mascara on and attend my own showers!

Yep, showers. I am the luckiest girl because every weekend in February is full of showers! The first shower that I'm updating on (because I haven't gotten pics from the most recent one this past Saturday yet) was the one that the bridesmaids threw me. It was absolutely stunning. I can't believe how full time students/wives/nurses/moms/employees put together something that came straight out of pinterest!!! I had NOTHING to do with the shower and was completely surprised when I walked in! Enough chatter, here are some pics so you can see what I mean!

Drink Station!

The "caterer" of the event- one of my talented BM

My sister has a gift for party planning! 

Would you look at this cake?!?!  

2/5 BM- the busy worker bees!!! I can't thank them enough!!! 

My weakness- cookie dough dip... thanks, Emmy!!! 

Cutest girl ever, Kat- so so talented too! 

the spread!

i hate stand alone pics- forgive the awkwardness!

More awkwardness

how cute are the wedding dress favors emily did?!?! 

tea cabinet where the girls chose their china for tea! 

emily and her delish cookies

Bridesmaid, groomsmaid, bridesmaid 

groom's maid? Bride's man? Man of honor? 

the cake was pretty AND delicious

Ordy came at the end to load up the truck and thank everyone (and snag some yummy food!) 
We are so blessed and lucky to call everyone who came friends!!!!! We can't wait for the big day and to be able to enjoy the night with EVERYONE!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful shower! You sure do have talented friends and you and Ordy look so happy in the last photo! :)

  2. Such a beautiful shower and bride-to-be! Everything looks so awesome. Your bridemaids and man did such a wonderful job! I especially love the ribbon back drop and everything about the cake/dessert table. Gorgeous!

  3. Yes, how beautiful!!! Your sister should do party planning for a living!! Well, that would be hard with 3 kids...but she's talented as are your friends!! Your party looks like something out of a magazine!! What fun!

  4. Just stunning! Everything was so pretty and you look FAB! I cannot wait for the wedding post, its going to be phenomenal! Loved the cake against those turquoise/aqua plates, the ribbon hung back drop and drink station, the tea cups, your delicate dress, and emily's dress shaped cookies-it was very well deserve it! Thanks for updating... Oo

  5. That is such a gorgeous shower!! Everything was so beautiful!! I love the colors you are using too!
    Too fun Sheila! Thanks for updating us. So excited for you and your big day!

  6. I LOVE your blog make-over! Especially the heading. You're such a little techy. And dang you have some talented (and beautiful, duh) bridesmaids ;) hahaha

  7. What a beautiful shower. You are very blessed!

  8. Love the blog makeover! And you look amazing, hope wedding planning is going well!

  9. What a beautiful shower! I am dying over the square cake stand. Gorgeous!

  10. Hey Lucky girl! You are truly blessed & your party was gorgeous!

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  12. Cake looks so good and I loved those cookie pops. You have done very well for this beautiful bridal shower.

  13. I really love how you’ve decorated the place. It’s really nice! I was also planning the bridal shower for my friend who’s getting married in one of the nicest wedding venues Chicago has to offer. Something like this would be perfect.