Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Day Before...

Part I of the wedding series isn't really a wedding DAY post, rather a day before one. But we all know rehearsals and weddings go hand in hand- so I figured I would start from the very beginning.

 The entire day before the wedding was spent setting up, but that's it's own post TOO! I told myself I'm going to break everything down into nice portions :)

The rehearsal was at the venue the night before and went off smoothly. I was really nervous imagining my friends and family filling up the empty seats but kept thinking about the bigger picture: finally marrying Ordy in just 24 hours!

seeing him for the first time after set up that morning

listening to instructions from the wedding coordinator

dad and i walking down
the real deal only 24 hours away!

Our rehearsal dinner was at the ADORABLE Foster House in Cumming. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves and Ordy's mom did the most incredible job personalizing the house with sentimental things and amazing canvases from our engagement shoot. 

all the mantles had a canvas of us for decoration... so cute!
wrapped up napkins/silverware
His family slaved away making every detail so personal and sweet
 Upon walking in the house, the first thing you saw was a little memory area his mom set up. She saved bits and pieces of things throughout the course of us dating- and Ordy didn't even know! I was so shocked at the collection of things. It included: the very first cell phone bill from when we first start dating and his parents noticed a huge text charge.. ruh-roh!, the 6 coke bottles I bought him when he mentioned Coke tastes better from a glass, the sewing pattern of the Three's Company Janet nightgown he surprised me 3 Valentine's Day gifts ago- sneaking and having his granny sew for me, the Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie recipe card I made him in college when he begged me for it so his mom could make it for Thanksgiving, and other movie ticket stubs. I was so touched and can't wait to keep it all for years to come!
the memory table

me & my girls. jk, matt. only kinda. (my sis was busy nursing 90% of the night haha)

reading the cute sign that went with the memories

my precious ring bearer

the entire party

sitting at our sweetheart table

love this picture!

can't wait to rock on the front porch with him for the rest of my life!
His family really worked SO hard to make the rehearsal dinner such a personal and detailed evening. It was perfect. The food was incredible and the night was so much fun it had my nerves calmed and I was too busy enjoying myself with close friends and family to worry about the next day!

More to come!


  1. How cute of his mom to keep all that stuff and display it at the rehearsal dinner! Can't wait to see your other posts, especially the wedding itself. Congratulations!!! :)

  2. Everything looks lovely including you! your hair has grown so fast... And your niece and her wardrobe always kills me, she is such a doll! The memory table is genious! i always have wanted a candy table but the memory table has such a deep, intimate, meaningful feeling to it. I really like that pretty lowboy white dresser(???curious)....=)Cant wait for the next portion...High Five to Ordy's families sweet details! Congratulations Sheila & Ordy!!

  3. Im still so excited for you guys :) What a special rehearsal sounds to me like you have amazing in-laws as well as a great new hubby! Seeing these pictures makes me wish I didnt have to wait until October for ours :)

  4. Sooooooo glad you are back and blogging again! :)

  5. How beautiful!! Your outfit was perfect btw!!

  6. Looks like a fun rehearsal! I love all the little details. :)

  7. The Memory Table is SO SWEET!! I can't believe she thought to save that all!! SHE even knew you were the ONE!! CONGRATS to such a cutie couple!