Friday, April 13, 2012

The Dress

I had quite the ordeal with my wedding dress and had to pick it up so last minute (read: the day before rehearsal). I lost 40lbs and the dress had to be resized SO many times. What was supposed to be the "final" fitting turned out to be the 3rd from last one! It was so hard to get my dress to fit like a glove yet still allow me to sit down!

i was smiling so big thinking it was ALL over with!

taking the dress in even more!

wishing i didn't have a silk dress at this point ha
About to try on the dress! 

totally related unrelated business, baby boy was finally home the day i was supposed to pick up my dress!

Ok... So, growing up- I never had a vision about what I walked down the aisle in. I am a really simple girl, but don't misunderstand that as not girly... I am definitely girly! I LOVE bows. I love pleats. I love soft white, not diamond white. I love curves. I love dainty buttons. This dress had everything I wanted. I loved the lack of rhinestones and sequins and any other thing that dressed it up. It seemed so classic to me. Something I could show my kids and not think, "oh geez, what was momma thinking?!?" Who knows, maybe my future daughter might want to wear it!?

The dress had mermaid features and it showed off the curves that I definitely have. I was nervous because even with all the weight loss, I was not a stick by any means- and the silk taffeta was a very unforgiving fabric- but it was perfect. I loved it for the barn!

go ahead. tell them how awesome their work is!

I loved the bustle and how it looked after!

the buttons were real until my hips :) 

Of course you're probably wondering what was under the dress... as in shoes... haha. Well, for the ceremony, I wore the most perfect blush Badgley Mischka heels- which is why I towered over the girls in all the pre-ceremony pictures! 

they were PERFECT and matched the girl's dresses/wedding!
You didn't think I would wear the heels all night did you? Nope. I bought the girls blush grosgrain TOMS to wear for the reception and I slipped on (with the help of my sister in law and photographer) into my own lace TOMS. 


  1. Love your dress! Looking at all your wedding posts is making me even more excited for my own in September!

  2. 40 pounds! You go girl. You look great. The dress is perfect. What a perfect day.

  3. Stunning, so beautiful. Congrats!!!!

    And that baby boy is sooo cute.


  4. YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I am so proud of YOU, 40LBS...U ROCK! Your gown is perfection as is the bridesmaids' and toms... Your handsome new nephew is precious=) That photo with the sun hitting you is HEAVENLY!!

  5. I love your TOMS, and 40lbs is a lot of weight to lose! Wow! :)

  6. The dress is stunning (as are you!) Who was the designer? I love the simple, yet elegant detail on the top!!
    And kudos for 40 lbs. I am sure it was worth the 5 fittings:-)