Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Time I Ate the Entire State of Texas

The day after the bar exam, I hopped on a plane to Texas with my bff to head out for a week of eating fun. I met up with my sister's BFF who lives in Austin and she was our unofficial tour guide- I would be skinny lost without her help. JK.

We landed in Austin around 6:30 p.m., D picked us up and took us to our hotel where we got situated then went to dinner to meet up with Christine. First event on the agenda: Hula Hut!

What a great first place to arrive to after the bar! 

We went straight to Hula Hut to meet Christine and her boyfriend, Ray

D and I before dinner at Hula Hut- in the notorious Gypsy05 dress that is so unflattering

ordy and his sister wives

After dinner, we decided to go have drinks/dessert at Halcyon. Oh, we already had tres leches cake at Hula Hut (HIGHLY recommend!) who cares- it's vacation.

oh, am i the only one with dessert in front of me? no biggie. 


If you follow me on Pinterest, you know my favorite dessert is anything s'mores related (and then cookie dough, and cotton candy- in case you were wondering). So, naturally, I saw actual s'mores on the menu and ordered it. Duh. Please look how cute it was.

Friday morning, we woke up and Christine picked B and I up to go shopping on S.Congress. If I don't pass the bar, I'm buying an airstream and opening my own boutique. I will drive to friend's houses (especially my momma friends...) and have them pick out outfits. Brilliant.

I wanted everything in this trailer

doing what girls do best. shopping. 
After hitting up some shops we went and ate at Home Slice Pizza (since the Hopdoddy's line was around the building and it was 402 degrees outside...)

Meet Christine's hair. It's awesome. 
 And of course hit up a snow cone truck. I may or may not have driven to S. Congres every day for a "barbie". Maybe? You'll never know.

Of course I had barbie flavored ice: wedding cake + cotton candy. Who knew it'd be a perfect combination

as stuffed as we were, we still managed some Jo's Coffee
I walked around the entire rest of the day with my aluminum foil swan with the leftover pizza from Home Slice... real cool. After showers and an outfit change, we head to the Iron Cactus for mexican food and to meet up with our cousin, A.

And then we danced. A lot. Everywhere. We would pretty much hop around. 6 songs then leave to the next place. haha, but that's the beauty of Austin. Of course we stopped by Bachelor Brad's bars- but no Brad. 

The next morning, we all met up at Kirby Lane Cafe for the most amazing breakfast- banana bread french toast? Yes. 

Someone thought it'd be fun to go to Mount Bonnell. After breakfast. Yeah, brilliant idea. I was out of breath and wanted to puke. 

After the heat got to us, we put on our swimsuits and hit up Barton Springs. Ummm... it was FREEZING. like... glaciar cold.

B doesn't want wrinkles...

After Barton Springs, we showered and got dressed to head to Salt Lick Cellars... a random vineyard with amazing BBQ. (We did a lottttt-there was never a dull moment in Austin!) 

You guys... I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the atmosphere was here! When we got there the place was PACKED. It's about 25 min outside of town and the best kept secret ever, but clearly- it's not a secret since there was a 2 hour wait to be sat. The hostess said we could order the meal to go and just pick any picnic table- so we did. It took us 45 minutes and it was just as good!

We were supposed to leave Austin Sunday night and head to Houston for the week- but D's work called and said we had to: stay in Austin one more night, head to San Antonio for work Tuesday, and then Houston on Wednesday... We were all packed and checked out so we went to a different hotel and made the most of it.

We eventually made our way to stand in the hour line long at hopdoddy's. it was good, but not worth the wait in my opinion. The business critic in me saw the ploy as a way to get people to order a drink and be forced to order something while waiting... I had to have the nutella shake, but Flip's is way better! 

There's more from San Antonio and visiting my family in Houston, but to give you an idea of how slow my internet/computer/blogger is- I started this post at 11 a.m. and am just now publishing it at 12:33 a.m. Ha. I am rusty. 

I feel like I did ate it all in Austin! Shopped on S. Congress, watched the bats from the bridge (weak this year), swam in the water hole, ate in the food trucks, went to the famous bars, and enjoyed every second of this charming Texas city! 


  1. looks like it was a yummy trip! where did ms. b get her cute swimsuit?

  2. the no straps on yours threw me off. love them both! what a good friend you are! ;-)

  3. Glad you're back! That trip sounds amazing! Let me know when you want to come to Boston!!

  4. Looks like an awesome trip, and yes, Christine has amazing hair. I wish mine cooperated and curled like that. Then maybe I wouldn't have chopped it off! :P