Monday, September 19, 2011

Engagement Shoot Inspiration

If you follow me on twitter, you know I've been stressing about engagement shoot issues.

1.) Will I have lost enough weight to be photogenic/pleased with my shots??
2.) What outfit should I wear that will be classic and timeless for years to come? I want to be trendy but I'm sure the lady in her engagement shoot from the 80's thought the same in her acid wash Jordache...
3.) Will Ordy and I be awkward? Stiff? Weird?
4.) WHAT IF I HAVE THE WORST HAIR DAY?! Speaking of hair, will I have it up/down, straight, curly?? UGH!
5.) Will Ordy refuse to do cutesy things? Ha... this is one I always worry about. Because, he'll kiss me on the forehead all the time, but ask him to reenact it for the camera and he says, "no way!"

Anyhow, I was perusing the glorious world wide web and decided to share some inspiration shots with y'all. Now, I know Ordy will not do half of them, but a girl can dream...

I knew from the beginning since picnics are a huge part of our lives (and he proposed during one), that I wanted a picnic themed engagement shoot... at least for a FEW pictures. Then we could do classic pics.  We're also huge quilt people so we have plenty to use as blankets :) Maybe even have the Scout in the background...

All of these pictures (and a lot more) were found here

Another idea I was obsessed with since I saw it on pinterest, was the camping theme! I loved that it could be overcast and only add to the charm of the shoot. All you need is some plaid, plaid, and more plaid! I love this idea so much!

 Other ideas I love: anything outside in a huge field or on a lake. My sister has a lake with a deck that I always think would be perfect for a photographer to be able to take a shot from... but I'm not sure about the logistics of it all!

Love the tall corn around them

I just need a boat like this!
 Of course, I LOVE PROPS! I am scheming about what we could possibly use, but some of my favorites are:

kind of even looks like us from behind (minus how tiny the girl is ha) 
words can't even tell you how much i love this pic

overboard? perfect?
we're looking high and low for an ampersand to use either for pics or wedding

Can I tell you what we're NOT a fan of? The headless shots... Sure, they're artsy... but I think it's too much... So disregard any of the headless ones. 

And finally, the one picture I will recreate because I'm just so obsessed with how much it reminds me of Ordy and myself...

"can't help but touch her"


  1. I'min the same situation - I know my Bryon won't do the cutesy stuff either!

  2. i didn't think ryan would do all the cutesy stuff - but he totally did and was all about it! the kissing in front of the photographer was a little awkward at first but then we both got comfortable and got the feel of it all! just have fun and don't stress about it! :) you are gorgeous - and i'm sure it's gonna all turn out awesome!!

  3. they have lots of cute (and BIG) ampersands at our hobby lobby here. love all the quilt shots!

  4. I love all those photos! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)