Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What I Wore...

Ha.. the title is a combo of So What Wednesday and What I Wore Wednesday. If I did Wedding Wednesday it would be, "So What I Wore Wedding Wednesday", but that's a bit much...

I'm basically combining a weekly post that both Laina and Natalie do that I enjoy- it's so real :) combined with WIWW on Pleated Poppy!

  • If I bought 5 pairs of heels last week and I live in flats. I am losing weight and have been SO GOOD not buying clothes because of the size transition and only look in shoes... 
  • If I can't find any of my designer sunglasses and wear dollar store ones as punishment until I deserve to buy another
  • If my wedding is in 6 months and I don't have any thing planned? 
  • If I only clean my house on Thursdays/Fridays depending on when Ordy might come over... I'm busy during the week!
  • If my car seats 5 but can hardly fit me. I transport a lot :) 
  • If I can't even boil eggs... I'm sure Pinterest will teach me enough come March 2012... *wishful thinking*
  • If I have over 3,000 pins on Pinterest but haven't recreated a single thing...
  • If all my make up can be bought at Target
  • If I have big feet. It keeps me balanced. And I'm ok with my 9.5 feet, sorry you aren't. 
  • If the thought of walking down the aisle in front of people makes me nauseous 
  • If I had to spell check nauseous
There's my SO WHAT WEDNESDAY list! It's kind of cathartic... 

On to WIWW! 

Shirt: American Eagle
Skinnies: Forever 21
Shoes: GAP City Flats

Friend's Wedding Night!
Cardigan: Nord Rack
Dress: Old Navy
Purse: Tory Burch

Nordstrom: Puffy Sleeve Shirt
Sunglasses: Dollar Store

Cardigan: Gadzooks (HA)
Jeans: American Eagle
Shirt: Target

Nice school bathroom pic... not
Shirt: ZARA
Cardigan: TJMaxx
Pants: Loehmanns
Shoes: GAP City Flats

Shirt: American Eagle
Pants: Target
Boots: Burberry


  1. ahh i need some tory burch in my life!!

  2. I wear size 11 shoes, so I'm super jealous of your 9.5 sized feet. Oh the joys of being 5'10". The thought of walking down the aisle made me feel anxious. It wasn't that bad-- I just looked forward/at my husband the entire time. Cute outfits! Love your wedding ensemble!

  3. YAY!! love this post!! and i second the walking down the isle scared the crap out of me! i just kept my eyes on my boyfriend the whole time :)

  4. One word of advice when you walk down the aisle. Soak it all in. You can be so overwhelmed and worried, and the moment will pass you by. Look around, connect with your dad, look at your man in the front. Soak it all in. It's your moment. Don't be scared, it's all fun.

  5. You're stunning!
    Fun post. And I'm a huge Gwyneth fan so huge compliment from you on my blog today - thanks!

  6. i love your outfits- im so into stripes right now!

    and i am totally with you on pinterest- i probably have 3,000 pins too... but other than food, i have yet to make anything crafty! and dont worry about walking down the aisle... it made me nervous too, but its all kind of a blur as its happening. you dont notice that everyone is looking at you ;)

    cute blog!