Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

Ok, so I'm sure there's a blog out there that has Wedding Wednesday- I was kind of just kidding, I don't have any intention of keeping it up regularly... It's all that came to my mind when starting this post :)

{we picked a date P.S...}

Note: Those aren't our Save the Dates- I just like playing around with stuff... speaking of Save the Dates... HOLY COW! How do you choose just one?!?!

I know this will be the hardest part for me because I'm obsessed with different fonts and layouts that I would have the hardest time choosing just one! I'm looking to get someone {ahem, Lori... jk} to hand write all the addresses like this

I've been toying around with the idea of a custom stamp or custom graphic to carry throughout all of the invites but I'm wondering if it's played out? Ordy carves our initials in trees random places we go, so the carved initials in trees actually MEANS something to us- we don't just think it's "cutesy"...

Speaking of, this is just a random babble of wedding thoughts... I spent hours on Pinterest a few weekends ago and am overwhelmed with how played out our wedding ideas are... I mean every wedding now is a barn wedding with burlap and milkglass... It's the trendy thing to do now- whether that's truly your style or not! I'm so sad... I know I should be happy that they serve as inspiration but it bothers me that it's the cool thing to do! I used to talk about rustic barn weddings years ago and people looked at me like I had a third eye! Now it's like, "oh I went to 4 barn weddings this year..." Sheesh.

I want special, intimate, small, unique, thoughtful, SIMPLE. I don't want to spend thousands for a wedding to look low-key like the ones I see on Pinterest... I actually want most of the stuff DIY and authentic vintage stuff.

The other thing is, both "barn" venues we have visited don't truly have authentic barns... they're gazebo like style... and they're both $5,000. I feel like that's steep for a venue that doesn't even have the authentic vibe we're going for! I seriously feel like driving around parts of GA and knocking on someone's door to borrow their barn for a night :)

I have been so stuck now before I choose any wedding colors/bridesmaid dresses etc it's crucial I decide what direction I want my wedding to go- and I've been at a fork in the road for two weeks now. I NEED to decide. Help! Pin cute ideas and @Ordy and Joon me on Pinterest, I need all the help I can get!

I'm starting to think I just want a low key backyard wedding like this:

I feel like that's feasible since I want a small wedding. I don't ever want to spend my wedding meeting new people, I want to spend it celebrating with close friends and family. We've always wanted the following things:

I feel like I'm starting wedding planning from scratch... I know it's not- but I'm just as overwhelmed! I have boxes and boxes {and boxes} of milk glass that I have been saving forever because I know I've always wanted to incorporate it into our wedding... So milk glass is still a huge part of the wedding :)

Anyhow, thanks for letting me ramble... I guess I feel pressure because there are so many ideas on pinterest and other blogs it's like every one is trying to "one-up" everyone be honest, I wish I could just elope! I really stress about wedding details mostly because deep down I know nothing matters, what matters is who I stand up there with... So, I have this internal struggle about not caring about small details and then not wanting to regret not caring years down the road... make sense?!?!?


  1. I would totally go find a random barn and ask... you can be pretty well guaranteed that no one else has had their wedding there, and imagine the gorgeous barn board backdrop for the ceremony... I had my wedding in a rustic log cabin so I completely get the vibe you're going for... good luck!

  2. What you say absolutely makes sense. And don't stress about the "barn-theme" being played out. If it's what you have always dreamed about and always wanted, then you should do it. Those that are close to you and truly know and love you will know you chose your theme because it suits you and not because "it's the cool thing to do."

    And I would totally go up and knock on someone's door and ask to borrow/rent their barn for the night. Especially if the place feels right.

    Good luck to you.

  3. Hey girl, my parents are ranchers and my husbands family are farmers. From my experience, most authentic barns are usually in use.... Which means that no matter the upkeep, real barns reak of manure, straw, and iron (rust). Although some are maintained for the sake of history.

    Even though his family farm is not a "real" venue, people have offered to pay to use it. The requests have always been turned down (with obvious exceptions) because it is a working farm.

    But! I know some farmers are open to it bc getting some publicity is helpful in any industry these days. I suggest going on and looking up some organic farms and orchards and old plantations , and maybe even a few ranches in your area. Call them. Ask if they would be open to it and then scope the places out. Don't ask about barns...seriously... Just go look first. A lot of farms are beautiful in and of themselves. You may find one who wants to make a girl's dream come true and needs the money. :-)

    Keep in mind you will need to find a caterer who may need to be able to serve without a kitchen, and rent EVERYTHING (like we had to).... Every table, chair, plate, piece of silverware, glass, napkin, dance floor, possibly a portable restroom, etc. It adds up. But if you want an authentic farm feel, none of that will be provided at working farms.

    And make sure you have a hard working crew to set up and break down. I was helping pack stuff up in my own wedding gown afterwards. :-) all worth it.

    There are real barns and real settings in GA. I just know it. It may require searching outside the wedding box. :-)

  4. Do what's going to make you happy. Do it the way you've been dreaming about. It's your day and that's what matters. I still look back at my wedding day 7 years ago and love everything about it. Crazy thing it compares nothing to the weddings you see out there, but it was perfect...for me and my hubby.

  5. i love your design style and your inspiration - but i can't find 'ordy and joon' on pinterest and would love to follow you!!


  6. I love all of your ideas! Do what you love and who cares how many other people did it too, you can do it better! You have such an eye for creativity and style, I'm sure you will be able to put your own spin on anything. Can't wait to see photos! : )

    When you are looking for an escort card holder or ideas on how to display your escort card holders (if you plan to take that route), check out Treehouse Wood Designs on Etsy. They have the most fabulous rustic, vintage wood escort card holder. Check it out:

  7. I would definitely stop by some houses and ask people if you can use their barn! You never know what they'll say.
    If you want a vintage barn look do it! Don't back down just because it seems like a popular thing. If it's what you've always dreamed of you probably won't be as happy if you change. I love looking at all your ideas for things.(My wedding theme was a little off the beaten path so when I talked about it I got some strange looks, so I understand how you've felt. I'm so glad I stuck with it though.)
    Don't stress! it all comes together in the end. My mom reminded me that ultimately it's about my husband and I celebrating our love with our friends and family.
    P.S. I grew up in that area of Ga, so if I think of a barn to check out, I'll let you know!
    I definitely miss being in the South.

  8. I agree on feeling like ideas are really played out... I mean, I've seen ideas I want to use on blogs but still... I also got in Pinterest this weekend and was SO disappointed. I saw SO many of my "original" ideas all over the place. And, like you said, people are having barn-style weddings all. the. time. When it's not even their style!! Yours will be beautiful and perfect no matter what! :) I can't wait to see all that you do... And engagement pics?

  9. I love all of these suggestions, I love my readers!!! Please keep the ideas coming, we ended up finding some property this weekend!