Thursday, June 16, 2011

Highs NO LOWS!!!

Going to Puerto Rico with the Family... enjoying a looooooooong vacation with them. Side note: Ordy was the first boy I have EVER taken on vacation!!! We loved having him there :) 

Headed to the Caymans in a few days for Family Vaca #2- only with Ordy's family! Makes me realize this old bloggy is almost a year old!!! It all started with Ordy and I traveling to the Cayman's last year and then Paris

Adopting the stray puppy I found and being able to bring him home to Atlanta! Her name is Stella and my sister and her husband are keeping her. I'm just happy I never had to say goodbye to her! She is a lil thing! The vet guesses she is a boxer, just like what we suspected :) 

 My BFF moving in A BLOCK away from me... yes, I can WALK to her house! Perfect for motivation! After I saw myself in a picture in my bathing suit, all I will do is walk to her and join her on her daily jogs :) We were college roommates for 2 years and 4 years later she is back!

 FINALLY getting a much needed mani pedi after too long! The beach tore my nails up! And another plus was the new Mod About You gel color my salon got- YES!

 Snagging this AWESOME mirror off Craigslist... That's a 7 foot couch behind it. This baby is huge. And about to be white so I can hang her in my living room... We'll discuss my design plan change in detail later!

Ordy Boy running into Big Boi on his flight from Chicago... and me daring him to call me. He did! It made India's night... haha I was so happy Ordy didn't care and actually asked him if he wouldn't mind calling me to talk to a friend! 

Big Boi offered a pic as proof :) SO nice. 

annnnnd the best thing ever? Um. Yeah. Ordy asking me to be his wife. THIS IS THE BEST WEEK EVER!

We would LOVE YOUR VOTE to help win engagement photos in a local contest! Y'all are all the best!!! {voters or not!}


  1. I voted for you! I hope you 2 win.

  2. Sounds like you had an AMAZING week! You are beaming!! Congrats! :)

  3. Don't know you at all but came across your blog and wanted to tell you I will be praying for you and Bandit's safety. Dogs are truly a part of our family !! :) We have a boxer who is more like our son than our dog LOL so I totally get it! ;) I pray you find him soon!!!