Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Alive!!!

I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me!! I made the last minute decision to leave the lappy-toppy at home while I went on family vacation because 1) it's summer, no school 2) I was planning on being a beach bum the entire time 3) I wanted to soak up as much family time as possible... and 4) my laptop drags me down (weight wise AND security check-in!)

I have SO much to share with y'all since the last 3 weeks! I had an amazing time on my family vacation to Puerto Rico! I have loads of pics to share but along with opting to leave the comp at home, I also left my camera... Let me explain - Seester just got one for her Mother's Day so I knew hers would be out 24/7. No need to take 2 DSLRs on vaca! I will get them from her soon and work on some fun posts to fill y'all in- as for now, I'm gonna pick up right were we left off May 25th... with my sister's 28th birthday celebration weekend! Yes, she's a brat like I am and one day is NOT enough...

Her FIRST party was a night out starting at Buckhead Bottle Bar. I was SO HAPPY to have two of my best friends there! Matt came all the way from Denver for Sher's birthday... ok not really but we like to pretend :)

IGNORE how shiny I look... Thanks flash.


Adorable Ordy Boy 

BFF and I 

After a long and "interesting" night that ended around 4:30 a.m. leaving an IHOP starving with $15 pancakes to go... I finally got home and washed up realizing that I HATE going out. Call me old, call me boring, but if it weren't for my sister I wouldn't have gone- in fact, I told her next year, I WON'T be going! 

We headed out the next afternoon to get ready for Seester's REAL party... Bandit had to sit on my lap up front because the backseat was full of gifts- I'm the BEST sister ever. I know. 

He was so funny. That boy is BIG. 

Her house was BEAUTIFUL!!! They got it ready for the birthday and it looked great! Her husband's brother put everyone to shame- he set up the whole thing! 

It looked phenomenal. Even the fruit looked awesome...

 Yes. He's 21. And Single. And cute. And straight. Hahaha Any takers? Jk. Good thing he doesn't read my blog or he'd kill me :)

Outside looked equally as amazing! They set up the "opium bed" outside with a little hookah to enjoy for the guests. It was so relaxed and the weather was perfect! 

I got to steal these pics of my niece, Kayden. She is a doll!

My Nephew (Before his haircut!!) and Bandit

Fun with friends... 

Seester and I... 3 years apart... 

Reminiscing about the "good old days" where I would read her diary and then she would... *wait for it* hide in a corner and wait until I walked out of my room to douse my in bleach... HAHAHAHAHA Omg we were awful. SHE was awful. She'd legit hold a spray bottle of bleach and just start spraying away... so weird how we're so close after all that! 

 Ordy had to work a lot in her office that night but when I did get to see him, he was super duper cute so I snapped a pic.

The night ended with Bandit and I sleeping on the Love Sac in her game room... but I wouldn't trade it for ANY thing in the world!!! A night in with friends and family beats any night out for me!!! 

Also, if you don't mind to take one second and click for us on Picket Fence, I've fallen behind with being on vaca and I just like being on the front page is all- I don't want to be #1 or anything! I'd appreciate it!


  1. Aw yay. Youre back! :) sounds like you've been having a blast!!

  2. I'm so glad your back! Seriously i've missed you! Your sisters place looks awesome, and of course i voted! :)

  3. Well vacay to Puerto Rico is a great excuse not to take your lappy, I was wondering what happened to you!!! Can't wait to see pictures! Your sisters house was beautiful, happy birthday to her!! I love the lake setting, it is perfect for hookah. My husband is Lebanese, we love hookah!!
    Glad your back

  4. i just found your blog while looking around on DIY blogs. I really like it and started browsing around on yours and noticed Ordy has a scout...I do too! well I am currently restoring it! how cool I thought (:

  5. Gentri & Laina- I'm so happy to be back! it was a refreshing break! now I have much to write about!!

    Lauren- that is awesome!! Lebanese food is just as good as Persian! :) Her house is the perfect party hosting house- we love it there!

    Brittany- I'm SO glad you found us!!! Thank you! and yes, Ordy is obsessed with his scout! it's a 76 and good for you restoring yours! Laina from Recycled Interiors has one too! (well, her dad) it's a small following but we exist! haha! Have fun browsing the blog, thanks for reading!