Friday, June 10, 2011

Puerto Rico- Family Vaca #1

Here are some pics of our vacation- sorry for the photo overload! Out of the 900 pictures my sister took, these are some of my favorites!

My sister's kids did so well on the flight... both ways! 

Enjoying the warm sun out on the bay

Kayden Girl

Kayden and Daddy

In the shade

So cute

Big smile with his new big boy hair cut!

I feel like this pic could be from Europe

GOOFIEST boy I know

Had to buy a pillow haha

I pinched him for the pic. jk. 

SO SWEET! waiting patiently for the ferry to take us from Catano to San Juan

*WARNING: if you're scared of birds (or diseases) don't look at the next few pictures... pretty disgusting :) 

The only awful thing was their feet scratching my sun burn!

Yeah, I'm the crazy bird lady from Home Alone. JK

I was praying the one on my hat wouldn't poop on it

Not sure about the birds!


Brave little girl

Having Breakfast at my dad's diner in PR

At the cave 2 hours away

Goofing off

This cave was 17 stories high!! it was insane! I highly recommend going! 

Exit of cave

Fountain of Youth pouring over us



sister and Kian

Entertaining sister on the flight back

Baby girl and her new puppy!

the. end. 

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  1. This makes me think 3 things: 1. I need the dress you're wearing in the first 2 pics. 2. Your hair looks ah-mazing! 3. Chamblee needs a sibling. Now!

    Welcome Home!

  2. 1. Ross, Clearance, day before trip, $6.49 2. THANK YOU!!! 3. I AGREE so much with that statement!!!

  3. If kayden ever goes missing you'll know who has her!! J/k She's so freaking adorable!!! I mean both of them are too cute!! Love your pictures!!!

  4. I love these pictures! Kayden's outfits are so cute, especially the denim romper. I love the pictures of her flying in the air. And your hair looked great the entire trip?!!! So jealous.

  5. I remember you telling me about your dad's house in PR in college. Your pictures make me want to go to there! I love living in a tropical climate, but would like to see one with such different history and landscape!