Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st GNI Synopsis...

I am so happy to say that I went through with my idea of "Girls' Night In" and it was a success! (Not that I thought it wouldn't... I don't know how it would with such great girls!) We had a relaxed evening at my place and I even played "domestic hostess" with a chili dip (ridiculously easy- thanks to Ordy's mom showing me how to whip this up real fast) and mmm banana pudding! I am obsessed with banana pudding and hoped that the girls shared the same feelings toward this delish dessert. My sister introduced me to this version of it and I loved it- super easy (minus the fact that I got the NON instant pudding and had it in the fridge while I checked on it every 5 minutes and after 40 minutes panicked and dug the box out of the trash only to see it wasn't instant... yeah...that was awesome). We used the first GNI as a "meet, eat, and greet" and just enjoyed a night in. I was surprised almost everyone showed up and so happy for that -a few girls had last minute things come up and sadly, even sick. We decided on our first official craft project, and even determined our second one! So excited to get the ball rolling!

I LOVE my trifle bowl that Ordy Boy's mom got me- I was so excited to use this! The recipe told me to scoop them in individual bowls/glasses but I didn't want to because I wanted an excuse to finally use it!

I am not gonna lie, I'm second-guessing having it on Tuesday nights... It was hard to put the house together after all day at school, and I was pretty much a zombie. I felt so rushed coming home to do final touches and make the food, I think Wed would give me a lot more time and allow me to host AND enjoy the presence of the girls! We decided on every other week meetings, about twice a month. Once a week was too much, and once a month was too little, so we decided every other week, but we didn't have to do a project or meet at my place, we could do a nice evening at a restaurant or coffee shop- that way the girls that missed won't feel obligated. I understand half the group is married, or has kids, or has a busy schedule, so it's pretty much whoever wants to join can feel free to. But I will announce craft nights well in advance so they can plan to mark it on their calendars. 

Moving along, I don't know how many people read this or even care to know, but can I just say- I LOVE MY NAILS! I decided it was time for "Fall Colors" and went ahead and took a risk and got "dark" nails! I LOVE them! First of all, I am obsessed with "Shellac Gel Laquer", yet another OPI godsend. It lasts 2-3 weeks (3 weeks on mine) and it's only $10 more than a manicure. My nails would have lasted well over 3 weeks, only I was sick of seeing red nails for so long so I made myself go in! I got the dark purple gel on my nails and OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark on my toes... Loving the dark shades!

Can you tell I also love McCafe Frappes??? Cuz I do. I pretty much allow myself the treat every Thursday afternoon around 3 for that extra boost in my day. (Thursday = 9am-9:30 pm class day). Only 4.5 hours left...


  1. Your banana pudding looks super yummy!

  2. Sarah, it's Bakerella's recipe and SO easy! it was also yummy of course!

  3. I'm so sad I missed it! You're banana pudding looks gooood. And I LOVE your blog template!