Thursday, September 23, 2010

GNI {Project 1: Ribbon Wreath}

Tuesday night we had our 2nd GNI with "Ribbon Wreaths" on the agenda! We got the idea from The Long Thread blog- she had a "Halloween" wreath made from black thread. We ordered our ribbon 2 weeks ago and when I received the box i was giddy! I couldn't wait to start! If you couldn't make it to GNI, i encourage you guys to try it!!! I wanna see pics! You can do so many different colors and truly make it your own...

this picture just makes me happy
another one...

Funniest Kayden face- starting GNI young!

Some of the craftiness documented...

India's Taupe Wreath
Manal's Pumpkin + Nu Rust and Tanneka's Taupe + Brown
busy bee's
Emily's 5 color ($50) wreath... kidding
Leslie's Pumpkin + Brown

dun-dun-dun- my Taupe Wreath!

close up

I was supposed to cut the frays and burn the edges, but I'm lazy liking the easy going look. I like it for now, maybe later i'll clean it up :)

I love the way it looks- and once the girls send me pictures of their wreaths on their door- i'll upload them!!! and if YOU try it, please send me a picture!!!!