Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogs I'm Obsessed With

I think I need to relax on the blog envy... I'm obsessed with these 2 blogs lately. But the thing is- one blog leads to another, then another... it's like they're all connected somehow... Which I'm thankful for! And, I guess I understand why people "advertise"... I am NOT A FAN of blogs that do TOO MANY giveaways and review stuff, but for some reason, the two i'm into aren't overwhelming with that kind of stuff. And, they balance it off with great tutorials. I feel like it's fair for them to run those giveaways to pay for stuff since they're sharing their knowledge at no cost to me!

Blog #1 : Obsessed is an understatement. I spend 85% of my time on this blog. and that's not a joke. I love everything she does. I think she's so stinking cute. I'm ordering some vinyl from her shop and CANNOT wait to get it!!! She's so sweet e-mailing me back and forth- is it weird I feel a little "star struck" that i'm actually emailing her. Like, THE Mrs. Smith??? The woman who inspires me to do something to every inch of my house (and everyone else's house!) haha. Ok, before I creep anyone out...

Blog #2 : Such an adorable website. I love the ideas on this site as well. I am loving their current giveaway, which caused me to stumble upon this blog

It's too much! Too much cuteness out there! I love all the tutorials!

1 comment:

  1. Okay... you are SO FUNNY!
    And stop it RIGHT now with the star struck thing, or I'm going to have to come over and beat some sense into you!
    If you could ONLY seem me right now... I'm totally in my pjs, hair in a pony tail, paint on my pj's, bra-less, and zits on my face.
    WOW... what a STAR~!!!!!!!!!
    hahah... OH... and I'm also currently neglecting my 2 year old, who is crying for her "binkie" upstairs.
    Me = winner.
    hahaha... but I have to admit, that this pretty much made my whole YEAR!
    Thanks for your sweet comments.
    You're SO nice :)