Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Uh-Oh... Bit By the Redecorating Bug...AGAIN.

I know, I know... I really need to stop and focus my energy on other things... like school perhaps? But I can't help it. Enough is enough. I caved. I realized I hate how I spend 95% of my time upstairs. I'm NEVER downstairs! The 5% I am downstairs it's to use the kitchen- not the living room. Well, that got me thinking, what makes my living room so unlivable?? I've always known I reject my downstairs, but it was confirmed by a friend who didn't want to watch a movie here because it was "uncozy". *GASP* Uncozy has always been a bad, bad, bad word growing up in my "cozy" household... It was used to describe New York alleys, and freezing floors with no socks on... how could a Parast have an uncozy living room??? I immediately started brain storming uncozy features:

  1. Large, white marble tile flooring. I HATE carpet. I vowed to never have carpet because of the filth that gets trapped in them and we fail to see. So, I have white marble floors and as open as it makes the place, I don't know if the trade off for being uncozy was worth it... I bought a big brown rug to add warmth but it seems like that's not enough
  2. Modern furniture. I have 2 really nice couches that were given to me by my sister and her husband a few years back that I know weren't cheap and I LOVE them, but they're just so uninviting (to anyone other than Bandit). Bandit isn't allowed on them because they're so nice, but I know his hair doesn't just float to the top... he obviously sneaks on when I'm away. I wonder if I need a darker brown...
  3. The color scheme: chocolate and brown. I know this color scheme was/is huge and I just went with it. But now I'm so over it and am debating to just sell everything and start fresh, or work with everything. I have a baby blue wall that I recently painted about 2 months ago, and the accent wall on the fireplace is brown... so I wonder how impractical changing would be... 
  4. The layout. I can't do much with the door/stairs/fireplace/laundry room doors... so I'm limited to seating arrangements and tv. I just decided my 32" tv was way too small for the living room and too random on a side wall, so I sold it today to get a bigger one to place on my mantle. The 32" looked awkward on the big shelf so I'm looking to get something that would be a better match. I'm not big on tv (NEVER watch anything) but I hate that a lot of my friends are and I can't offer them comfortable entertainment. So, for all the friends that have come over and voiced their opinions, I'm listening :)
So those are some things to consider. I'm trying SO hard not to act spontaneously and do the whole make over tonight... I asked Ordy Boy to bring his drill just in case hahaha. 

Here are the only pictures (please excuse the graininess- phone pics!!!) I have of my living room, but they are from when I first moved in. So the rug is different (the new one is brown with baby blue and beige leaf pattern) and a few other stuff. I swapped the brown recliner with the bookshelf from the picture so that's different. 

I really wish I had half the guts as most designers do to experiment with color (in places other than my office haha). I realized, I'm single (not married) now and it would be BEST to get to do whatever I want before I have a husband to run ideas by!!! I mean, now is the time to get away with a pink throw pillow (NEVER thought I'd hear myself say that, but for design purposes and nail polish- I can manage pink...) but that's just an example. Just saying, while I'm young and "free" I should experiment! Before I have to go into "neutral" world hahaha. I mean what husband would allow my adorable, chic rose pillows?? (It adds such a soft touch to the masculine chair!!)  I might as well get all my "glamorous" out of my system... haha

Another "staple" that I love (that I'd like to work around) is my amazing beige mirror. 

So far, I have beige "modern" couches, a brown leather recliner, a glass "modern" coffee table, a beige studded mirror, and brown damask drapes + rug that I spent more money than I'd like to ditch so soon. I guess I need to accept the living room and just do small changes to make me happy (different tv over mantle, rearrange...) or do what I always do and go drastic. Ha, I honestly don't have time to even be thinking about this right now, I can't believe I'm even blogging instead of reading... I know one person who's going to yell at me for this! 

In a dream world, I would love this (I'm still researching):

and this for my dining room:

Any suggestions/ideas? I know I am blessed to know design savvy friends... am I wasting time? To be honest, I'm probably going to do something, and it is more than likely GOING to be drastic... so might as well shoot me suggestions/pictures/etc! I'd love to see any ideas that I've missed!


  1. Your place is sooo cute you don't need to do anything! but if you want a little change, start small with accessories. Colorful pillows, candle sticks, pictures, jars, vases, lamps...i would shop at homegoods, tjmaxx and marshalls, for pillows i would look at pier one and world market.
    The picture you like looks lighter and brighter than what you have now. you could change out the curtains,for pretty cheap to brighten up the room but keep the ones you have for when you want a change.
    I would keep the blue and brown maybe add some yellow, or red. I love red and light blue together! and that is easy to switch out summer and winter decor.
    Hope that helps! Good Luck!

  2. It is very cute! You have amazing taste! I wish I had the time and energy to re-do our place once in a while.

    If I can say something, I think that what makes a home feel cozy isn't the aesthetic quite as much. It's the little knick nacks that wouldn't be found in a magazine. The *any item* you put time into to make yourself (we make pottery), the family photos, the silly pictures of your nephew you just can't stop looking at, the piece of art a friend did for you.... :-) My mom's living room is picture perfect, but I've never felt comfortable in it. Whereas me and Isaac's living room isn't as planned (a little more shabby chic, I guess), but we love being snuggly and relaxed in it cause it has things in it that are ours.

    Maybe it just needs a few things that warm your heart to warm it up. :-)

  3. you're absolutely right! I was just on etsy looking for personal touches to make my own (not even to buy, but even to get ideas to mimic). I guess i'm just sad my living room isn't a representation of myself... I think i'm going to add "personal touches" because i DO want it COZY and LIVABLE!