Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Sew Hard Not to Say "Sew" Instead of "So"...Sew, I Had to.

Forgive me. At least I noticed how cheesy a post saying, "Sew Crafty", or "Sew Much Fun!"...

But seriously, lately, I'm sew crazy. (No, I didn't mean "so crazy", I really meant sew this time!) I have all these projects running through my brain, I get scared I won't remember them, so I take screenshots of them on my comp and jot down ideas and sketches of how to execute the idea... I got really carried away lately and spent over $200 in fabric and accessories... add a $150 rando sewing machine I bought to go through with all the ideas! That's a lot of money invested in a craft I've never done before... I was just determined to do, I didn't think about the practicalness at the time- but when do I ever? I knew my step-mom is a sewing pro, so I was going to learn from her... Only it ended up me just telling her my ideas and having her do them. I am ashamed to say I didn't learn a thing... I WILL THOUGH! One of these days, I will abandon my fabric glueing ways and teach myself a thing or too on those intimidating machines...

goodness gracious

2nd trip. oh my.

My Ideas:
Problem: Big dog + Small Apt = UGLY huge dog beds in camo print, forest green, or brown. Not enough room in my house to hide the ugly beds anywhere... 

Solution: CUTE dog beds that can be shown off as ACCENT pieces in my house! 

I know some places sell cute dog beds, but they're mostly for poodles and small teacup pups, and almost too frou-frou and cheesy to even consider bringing home. I have seen amazing fabric that I've thought to myself, 'I wish I could make that a dog bed'. I guess the generalization is most big dog owners are men, and most men like camo and dark neutral colors... WRONG!

Honestly, my biggest thing is, I wish I could make dog beds to match the flow of the house, like customizable. It's been an idea I've had for a long time now, and I guess I'm just now getting to it. I feel like I just have too many ideas, but I felt like I should start this one before I regret it. My dream is to have people email me pictures of their rooms/house and for me to email them back fabric swatches and work together to create the perfect, customized bed for their furry child. Almost like they created it, I just helped make it possible.

Don't make fun of me, but when I had the idea I decided to get it written down so I could make myself work on it. I even came up with my company name: Couture Bandit. Of course, Bandit had to make his way into the company's name. I even had 2 logos done. I'm working on my 3rd now... Just playing with ideas. My long time friend, Kat Wong, designs most of my last minute "ideas" and helps me bring my ideas to life. She is SO great to work with and I love sputtering my ideas and having exactly what I had in mind in my inbox later that night. She's Uh-Maze-Ing!

Logo #1 

Logo #2
Logo 3... 
My goal is to have cute collars, dog beds, and organic dog treats, for man's best friend. I am tired of spending $15+ on collars I don't really like. I hope to sell them on Etsy, or at local markets, but we'll see how much my school schedule will allow that. Like the cake pops, crafting is therapeutic, I just want to draw the line between student and entrepreneur. For my friends and family concerned about this new endeavor, don't worry, I know what my priorities are!

Organic Dog Treats I Baked!
I will post better pictures soon- promise. I was just so excited, I had to take a phone pic. Lately, all my blog pics are phone pics, and I'm sorry for that but my sis is borrowing my cam. Her blog 1,000+ followers, mine = 20, she has justifiably earned her right to better quality pictures.

Bandit, my model, exhausted. haha

Our Dad, Showing Off
The family that crafts together, stays together... Seriously. It was so much fun having the whole fam involved. My dad was begging my step mom to have a go at the sewing machine, and when I begged him not to mess up and that we believe him, he didn't have to prove it- he informed me he sewed his own bell bottoms in the 70's. Fair enough. Sew away, father. He said he was rusty, but he actually did well. I was SO NERVOUS, because his foot was on that pedal like he was driving a ferrari. The needle was going so fast, I was telling him he didn't have to show off!

This is roughly what the first dog bed "prototype" looks like!

The Finished Product. A dog bed that has my name all over it- One I won't want to hide!

I'm so excited about this!! I will keep everyone posted :)


  1. The doggy bed is sew adorable!

    Yeah...sewing is just *not* for me. I even manage to screw up adding buttons. I'm just not going to bother anymore.