Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creepy Sisters

This past weekend at Lake Shankie's, I walked passed my sister's laundry room and had to do a double take... it was that bad ... Don't believe me? Here, I'll prove it- (Sher, don't murder me...)

Told you so... it's bad. 
But...that just makes the challenge more fun for me. I can't wait to get in there and redo it! It's weird. I have been thinking about it for a while now... BUT, back to the story....

Sunday night, I asked her husband to take her out one day for at least 4-6 hours (so I could sneak in there and surprise her by doing it)... we agreed to have her out Friday afternoon to redo her hair. He agreed to babysit and keep her away... Well...

Monday afternoon- I got a text from Sher that said, "I'm so overwhelmed with my laundry room. It needs to be redone SO bad. It's a mess and I hate going in there, i think it needs a makeover. will you help me?"

............................... I. Was. Livid. I promptly texted Frankie accusing him of blabbing to her and ruining the surprise. Honestly, call me stupid- but I started crying! I hated that the surprise was robbed of me! I already had an SUV full of stuff for the redo- and every bone in my body wanted to return every little thing. I was so upset. Something I wanted to do out of the 'kindness of my heart' seemed forced now. I was soooo upset and overreacted. My response to her text: "yeah. you should."

yeah, yeah, yeah, i get it. i'm a brat. but still. it reminded me of being a kid and wanting to surprise my mom and do the dishes and on my way to the kitchen my step-dad would ask me to... I'd be sooo mad and snap, "I WAS GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY!!" (i'm shuddering at how big of a brat i am...) I'd do it with the worst attitude and so forced it's a wonder how the dishes didn't break...

**Side note: Frankie didn't tell Sher, in fact- he completely forgot about it... So... this is why i say, "creepy sisters"...

All our lives we'd either "jinx" each other (say something at the same time), or I'd pick up the phone to text her something that she was JUST about to text me... i mean, just the weirdest most random 'sister vibes'. This event definitely tops the list because she's never mentioned the laundry room or wanting to redo it, it was just something i picked up on while being there...and then to want to surprise her- and her text me the next day- creepy. 

Moving on...

Wednesday I spent the entire day off running around town picking up things that would go in her "new" laundry room. I can't go into much detail since I know she reads the blog, but I will say, I got 80% of the stuff yesterday and couldn't be happier!

This particular project sparked from a website that talked about making your own cake stands. In all honesty, you know if i saw/remembered the link i would credit them, so if you know what it is please let me know so i can give that person credit where credit is deserved!!!! That being said... here's what I did:

I bought these glass vases and fishbowl from well as 4 crystal candlesticks (.77-1.99 each)

I took some glass glue ($3 Home Depot)

...And attached the candlestick to the glass piece

and held on for 45 seconds-1 minute. I didn't really trust the glue so I kinda just held as long as I felt a little comfortable with letting go...

That's it! You're done... a fancy 'thing'. i guess it's a version of an apothecary jar minus the lid. How cute would a bunch of these on a table with candy be? At a birthday or shower? So cute. 

more pics...

Please excuse me... I like being comfy while crafting... no organized craft room here :(

I did 3 last night. I would have done more but I wanted to save my last matching base (candlestick) on a tall vase i saw at the dollar store (and should have gotten) and regret not buying it... in my defense tho, I knew my car was full of tons of glass items and didn't think i'd need it... guess i was wrong!

That's that. It was a fun, easy craft- and i love the end results! let me know if you try it! 
--check back this weekend to see the "After" for Sher's laundry room... I'd tell you the theme but Sher reads and i don't feel like hearing her input if it's not what she has in mind! she's such a difficult "client"... hah

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  1. Hey there! New follower here! I tried this out and posted about it here:

    I had done this before with plates and candlesticks but never vases! Love it! Thanks for the great tutorial! I love your blog!