Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After a whole weekend of cake pop madness (3 different showers, 180 pops total), I decided I needed a break! My dad was in town and I hated baking and slaving over the oven instead of hanging out. I decided we needed a good day Saturday to do something with the whole family, so we hit up Scott's Antique Market. It's a once a month thing that several people have told me I MUST go to... after hearing it twice in one week, I googled it and saw that it was this weekend. I had to go. No questions asked. I  corralled my family and made them come too- even though everyone in my family is into stuff like that, it didn't take much force. It's just hard to get out with the two kiddo's but we did it, despite Kian having to skip his afternoon nap.

Cute Pops for a Shower

We trekked through aisles and aisles of antiques (the term was questionable for some obvious "junk"). I will say that I was pretty shocked at the steep prices, but I guess they had to pay for their booths somehow... I loved seeing all the different stuff there and going around saying, "that's my dream dining room table!" My dad and Ordy would make fun of me and snicker about how many 'dreams' I had. Ordy told my dad he counts how many times a day I say the word, "want". I have been good lately though! I'm very content, I just see stuff that I want ONE DAY. Not now! Boys. They just don't get it. (But really, now that we're on the subject, my dream is to one day own a 10 foot rustic, all wood dining room table with huge benches instead of chairs...how much more family oriented does it get?!) 

DREAM TABLE (only put benches)

Looking for treasures

vintage phones

I LOVED these:

I want to collect these glass items (to the left) with the bead popping out- it matches the turquoise vintage one I have in my living room. I see them everywhere, I think it's a sign...

I saw a lot of people with the same ideas I have, only they're out selling them for $$$ (LOTS of money). I don't know if they're actually making any money, but even I know how little their cost is, so selling even one would be a huge deal. For instance, there was a guy there selling framed chalkboards... ok, EASY project!! C'mon people! Have a fun craft day at home!! Don't spend $80! I can't wait. It's been on my list of projects only I haven't found a frame ornate enough to want to use, so I'm still hunting. The guy selling them said he only had 2 left and he had a ton in the morning... good for him though! I just know I won't be one spending $80+ on a $20 craft (if that). 

Chalk Board Frames- ADORABLE
Simple Frames

Ok, so the question everyone's dying to know... did I buy anything? You were dying to know, weren't you??? Just kidding, I like to pretend people actually read this thing hahaha. So, to my imaginary audience, the answer is: yes. I was an idiot. I bought stuff I didn't even need. Stuff I don't have room for. Stuff I totally justified in a matter of 10 seconds. I decided in my one post about the uncozy living room, that I really wanted a new coffee table since the one I currently have is too modern and contemporary for my shabby chic, cozy idea of my living room- so, I had been thinking about new ones anyway... and as I was walking through the vendors, this one coffee table caught my eye. It screamed, "Sheila". I had to take him home! And not just him, but his brother and sister too! So, I'm the proud owner of adorable "vintage distressed" coffee table, end table, and breakfast table. I would say dining room table but it's hardly that... 

My goodies, all loaded up
They're all sooooo cute. what's so NOT cute is having a 4 table pile up in my living room and having bandit have to jump over hurdles just to get to the back yard... Oh what a predicament. 

don't judge me. I'm working on it

Living room not short of tables...
After all day Saturday at Scott's we were leaving to get on the freeway- exhausted and sweaty- when we noticed the ENTIRE SECOND building we completely missed! THE NORTH part of it!!! I was so sad, but too tired to ask to go, and we were going back Sunday with Ordy's truck and trailer to pick up the tables so I was going to just ask to stop by since Sunday's are known for people getting rid of stuff just to prevent packing them back up- I was sure I'd get some sort of deal! Well, Sunday came and all I did was get my tables- probably a good thing...

Whole 'nother building we missed
I am extremely happy with my finds, I just am too overwhelmed to place them in the right spot just yet. I have to do a complete revamp of my living room and I think Ordy Boy is coming over Wednesday to help do some grunt work. Such an amazing BF, putting up with me and my foolishness haha. List of projects for Ordy Boy:
  1. Hang up 47" TV above fireplace
  2. Put new bulb in outside light
  3. Take out the 4 bags of trash I have piled in the back... (he has a truck, makes it easier)
  4. Help me move all the tables around
  5. Possibly move the couches around to fit the new tables
  6. Hang new stuff (this is a maybe, because I still don't know where they all should go)
  7. Retighten my stairway railing (I think too many early-morning-clutching-it-for-dear-life has loosened the screws)
  8. Pick up the dead roach (side note: i'm obsessed with that Ortho Home Defense spray. Ladies- spray it once around your house about every 4-6 months and you'll thank me. As creepy as it is to have random dead bugs everywhere, it's comforting to know that the stuff works and they're DEAD, not crawling around my house. It's such a great product...I love knowing I didn't have to feel them crunch under my flip flop to kill them!)
  9. Love me forever and ever despite my redecorating ways...and for putting him to work on a weeknight. Gah, he's the best. 
I'm excited to see what will turn out, I'm kind of overwhelmed with a lot too. As usual, I am procrastinating instead of reading for class, so I'm off to finish up all that good stuff. My head starts to spin when I think of how cute my dining room table COULD be with white beadboard half way up the walls, light paint on the walls or wall paper, an adorable chandelier and unique chairs to match the new table- but then I know that's about 1 month of ignoring schoolwork, so for now I'm just leaving it alone. My dad would much appreciate that. hahaha.

Something like this...only not as stuffy, and better chandelier and chairs

***Sad day today, my favorite flip flops are a goner- I can no longer rush to wear them before I run out the door late for class... I have to actually put some thought into my shoe choice now- and this makes me sad... 
RIP Havainas, you will be missed

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