Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Coffee lovers everywhere, you're welcome.

Ok, so it's not fair to limit this gift for the coffee enthusiast. If I had to put it in a specific category it would be: for-the-really-stinking-cute-person-who-can-appreciate-adorable-handmade-clever-things, who can also be a coffee/tea drinker.

I absolutely went crazy when I saw these on Etsy. Crazy because I loved the amount of detail the Etsy-artist put into her work, and because of how affordable her products were! These can easily make a great gift at a stocking stuffer budget! I mean the options are endless for who you could give this gift to! Mailman, teacher, friend, etc. It's such a cute item at such a great price!!! (Special holiday price makes gift giving so much more appealing! Buy 3 get 1 free... 4 for the price of 3? sign me up. I mean where else can I get 4 {CUTE} gifts for $15??? {think of all the happy coworkers who will be delighted you thought of them!}

It's so much fun wrapping your generic coffee cup in to "spice" it up and keep your drink warm without burning your hands on the thin cardboard cup. I absolutely LOVE this coffee sleeve.

With names like, "Purple People Eater", and, "Booby Pink", I knew I loved WithLuvLuLu before I even heard from her!

That's not all, they double as a cute cuff for a bracelet!!!

Add a rhinestone pin/embellishment/brooch and VOILA! you have recreated:


Etsy Artist: Lailah

Etsy Shop:  With Luv, Lulu (click to visit)

Product: Coffee/Tea Sleeve (& Bracelet!) (100% Acrylic Yarn with a cable in the center  washable/dryable for the inevitable drips and are approx 3 inches tall. The stretchy pattern fits from the tiniest to the largest coffee house cups)

Extra Bonus: Sweet Seller, Attention to Detail, Cute Product/Shop, Fast Turnaround, SPECIAL HOLIDAY DEAL! (Buy 3 get 1 free until 12/25/10!), and CUTE PACKAGING (so you can save time and ship straight to the gift recipient's house!)

Lailah's been crafting as long as she can remember and is a native Southern Californian, but has been living in Northern Virginia for the last 6 years. She loves being creative, making things and loves being able to make someone happy with something that she's made. {Lailah, mission accomplished!!} She hopes that by doing this she can make more people happy and spread a little bit of joy around.  Cah-yute. Too cute. She sent the coffee sleeve in adorable packaging, so you don't even have to do anything to it but GIVE IT AWAY!

Keep her in mind as you think of that "one gift" you need to get someone. Great stocking stuffer idea!


  1. O my goodness i love this! and may i point out that they are also great for the Hot Cocoa drinker :)