Sunday, December 5, 2010

For the Pet Lover...

For those of you who have the misfortune pleasure of knowing me personally... you already know that i am pretty much obsessed with my dog. The "Mutt" as we so lovingly call him is as much a part of my family as my niece and nephew. Sad, I know- but absolutely true. I love Bandit so much I take offense when others don't think as highly of him as i do... i know he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he knows how to spoon/cuddle better than you would ever know!

All this to say, I know i'm not alone. I know there are TONS of people out there who LOOOVE their animal like a family member {sometimes even MORE!} What do you get this Christmas for the pet owner who treats their dog or cat like their child? It's pretty hard because they already spoil their pet so no treat/dog bed/sweater will suffice. Look no further... I have found THE BEST gift for any pet lover!! {you can thank me later}

I have searched high and low on Etsy for a good pet artist. I am so happy to have found an amazing Etsy Artist who does such great work! Take a look at these awesome portraits of these pets {she even does humans too!}

i mean, talk about spot on!

Etsy Artist: Mandy Wolfe

Etsy Shop:  Art by Amanda (click to visit)

Product: Portraits With a Modern Twist

Extra Bonus: Quick Turnaround, Pleasant to Work With, Super Nice and Professional

Mandy specializes in custom artwork of all kinds. She works from your photographs to create portraits in gouache, watercolor,colored pencil and charcoal and offer both a pop modern style similar to those found in comıc books as well as realistic works that aim to catch every last exact detail. She truly is an amazing artist! I have been looking for someone to capture Bandit's playful personality in an artwork that wasn't "stuffy" or "weird" to own. This is something I can proudly display! I feel like she did SUCH a great job capturing Bandit's cuteness and adding an incredible artistic piece to my collection! She captures so much in all of her paintings and makes it fun with a fresh pop of color! İf you have a piece of artwork in mind that you want created and you would like to discuss it, all you have to do is  contact her and figure out details. She is so incredibly friendly and accommodating. She didn't make me feel silly for explaining to her Bandit's personality and stressing that I wanted her to capture his "sweet" look, not his "mean" look {which is hard to do...} and she did a great job!

And NOW, for the moment you've all been waiting for **Drumroll** BANDIT'S PORTRAIT!

I mean, could he be any cuter?? She captured him perfectly! I am obsessed!

This is one Christmas present that is well worth the investment. A chance to immortalize my favorite pooch, ummm yes please! I have been staring at Bandit's portrait and cannot wait to get an amazing frame for it! Her artwork ranges from $40 + and for me, this is so worth every penny. I know it is such a unique gift for that person who is hard to shop for! If you don't want to be responsible for the right picture to choose for Mandy to paint, gift certificates are available for purchase as well!

I am so excited about finding this Etsy artist. She has been such a joy to work with and deserves every bit of business she gets! I wish her much good luck as she is so incredibly talented! I can't recommend this gift enough and am honored to feature her for one of the 12 Days of Christmas - Etsy Edition! 


  1. LOVE Bandit's pic omggg! I need one of these for wittle Bella :) :)

  2. yeah,my sister did this for her dog...and it turned out awesome!! bandit's looks great!

  3. bandit is so beautiful.... i love the art work. will have to consider this for our 4 dog's.
    loveeeeeeee your blog and you.