Friday, December 31, 2010

Cozy at Home

It's almost NYE and what am I doing? Sitting on Ordy Boy's couch in my pajamas- and wouldn't have it any other way! You couldn't pay me to leave the house, let alone be surrounded by millions of {probably drunk and sloppy} people... only because I'd hate to be on the roads with drunk drivers! This is going to be a random post but stick with me :) I'm getting BACK into the groove of updating! haha

If you were a fly on the wall at Ordy Boy's house... this is what you would see:
Yep, that's Ordy's way of decorating. It's pretty darn cute how he decorates his house {how he actually cares and makes it him". So manly/cabin/rustic. It's gonna be interesting to see "our" house one day... hahaha. I figured I show so many pics of my house that you readers might like to see HIS!

We couldn't have had better weather on Dec 31! Ordy Boy and I planned on spending the last day of 2010 enjoying the day outside "tinkering" as he calls it. He cleaned out his garage while I broke in my new Christmas present - a new sander for my projects! I am such a nerd... but I had so much fun out there with him- doing all the manual labor MYSELF, thank you very much :)

I'll give you a sneak peek of the projects {I am 1/2 way done sanding- after doing it ALL day! tomorrow is more sanding and finally painting!):

On another note, I wanted to show you the comforter I'm obsessed with. I know I showed you in a previous post, but I'll refresh your memory:

I couldn't decide on white or grey but I think my room has too much grey to compete with this grey so I will probably get white... While explaining to my BFF how much I love this comforter she responded, "Oh my gosh! I love it! I'll ask for it for Christmas!"... and that she did! This is her rubbing in her new comforter...

She probably thinks I deleted these pictures when she was being a brat and making me jealous- but this is payback :) hahahaha seriously though- HOW cute is it?! This is my 2011 sewing project... I might be biting off more than I can chew- but we'll see!

Have you seen these soap dispensers from Target?? I AM OBSESSED! I couldn't even contain myself when I saw them...  I tried to find them online for y'all to click a link but I couldn't so you're gonna have to see them on Ordy's shelf :)

I also picked up some J.R. Watkins WIPES! um, hello. I love everything by them. him. whatever.

and zoomed out so you can see Ordy's decor while we're at it... Ha Ha

Here are pics from earlier this evening- before we put on our jammies!

Obviously, he thinks this is a joke...

And THAT is the last picture Ordy and I took for 2010!!! Can't wait to see the first in 2011 :) Happy New Year to everyone!! If you missed it here are my resolutions!


  1. Robby and i decided ordy looks like michael buble, and robby asked if he sings like him? love all your projects and the fact that bartell asked for your comforter for Christmas :) so funny! You can totally make it.
    Ps. Joann's has thier classes half off right now. you have to sign up this weekend but their sewing 101 class is only $18 bucks! You should check it out.

  2. HAHA! I can see that. kind of! haha {I wish he sang like him- although i do love when ordy sings to me, it isn't any buble...hahaha} and bartell is such a punk for getting the comforter! but i'll be making it soon- so i won't be without it for TOO long...

    and o.m.g. you are my HERO! I have to take the class! do you know if it's any good??! I should see how often it is- omg this will make meeting my resolution easy!!! i'm gonna look into it first thing tomorrow if i can't find out anything online!

  3. yeah i'm taking mine next wednesday! so i'll let you know how it goes!

  4. I think you look like Kim K in this last picture- gorgeous! I want to take that class too! Let me know if you sign up!