Wednesday, December 1, 2010


WOW! December 1! It's DECEMBER!! I'm shocked. This year has flown by. I feel like I just started law school yesterday and now I'm officially half way done. That's nuts. Speaking of school... I had a final yesterday and am going on 4 hours of sleep all week, so the pictures I am posting are from Thanksgiving get togethers and other events that required a shower :)

Wed DAY time:

NY&Co Cardi
Nordstrom Ruffle Shirt (same as the one shown here)
Camera Strap: My own creation, thank you fabric glue :)
Black Skinnies: Forever 21
Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target (LOVE)

 Wed NIGHT time:
Same cardi
Different shirt (Old Navy, $2.97)
Scarf: Who knows, if it's yours, you've lost the rights to it... something about statute of limitations.
Same Jeans and Shoes

Please love and adore my new baby, Stella

Running to Starbucks for a 7 hour study session:
Jacket: Dick's
Pants: Champion
Shoes: Asics **Side note, the weird shoe pose is for a new challenge I'm doing/making my friends do... we have too many {brand new} shoes in our closet so we're forcing ourselves to dust them off, rip the tags off, and wear them. It's a challenge to wear a different pair of shoes every day and make an effort to stay away from the "obvious choice" (flip flop, moccasin, UGG boot...)

Dinner to Houston's with my bff {shout out to her for wine n' dining me after a bomb final! minus the wine because i might have passed out in the meal I was already that exhausted...)

Please Note: It has been raining cats and dogs nonstop here. ALL day. 
Shirt: Target Boyfriend Tee
Scarf: Gift from Indie
Jeans: Forever 21 Dark Denim
Boots: Burberry

 A combover Mr. Trump would envy. fo'sho.
Straight hair is so much easier- i'm jealous of all you ladies who roll out of bed and have this hair naturally! At least I have the best straightener in the world so I can fake it!

And out of order, some pics of my favorite nephew and I on Thanksgiving!

What Bandit Wore Edition:

My bedsheets.

Hiding his eyes from the light. Lush. 5 am while I was up studying he had the audacity to snore next to me and complain as best as a mutt could that he was miserable with the light on....

if you make this picture big, please notice the scale of this dog. that is a big bed. his head is on the pillow. his feet are 3 inches from the bottom. hahaha. my wittle bayyybeee

12 Days of Christmas STARTS TODAY!!! Check back later today!

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  1. Love that first outfit of skinnys and that amazing yellow cardigan, it looks so good on you. Its nice to see we are not the only ones whos dog sleeps under the quilt, although she is a lot smaller than yours, hehe. Have a great week. axx

  2. Cute outfits! I love the yellow.

  3. Love your Burberry boots! And I have a few of those boyfriend shirts from Target too! I bought a pack and love them!

  4. Love that you're bringing out the shoes that have been waiting patiently in your closet. I'm doing the same, but with clothes, as well. My fav dress has sat for a decade! without being worn once, and now I think I'm too old to wear the design.

    Enjoy your newfound clothes and shoes. Waste not want not. Good motto for 2011.

  5. Can I be as stylish as you when I grow up? Thanks!

  6. okay, let's be honest, I'm so proud of you! As a fellow student (and not a law one, at that) I am behind on WIWW! The finals freak out has struck, pictures are in the camera and may be there for the next two weeks (maybe I'll post late...again). love love love your wednesday outfit, day and night. there is something in me that loves black, white and yellow and you rocked it! happy studying to you my dear!

  7. summer, I have always struggled with prioritizing...!!! just because I have a WIWW post doesn't mean I SHOULD HAVE posted it!! like I said, this week was mostly thanksgiving so these are the "showered version" of my outfits! lol. good look on your finals as well!

    lori, please- i have seen your outfits and coveted every single one!!

    i love my boots too, i can't lie, when i see it's raining i get kind of happy knowing i have an excuse to wear them! even tho i AM weird enough to wear galoshes when it's sunny... but just THESE ones :)