Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Thursday was a study day. every day was a study day i think. I had a ridiculous Con Law test that wiped me out on Tuesday. By Friday, I relaxed a little and forgot about Crim Law, Evidence, and Dom Rel looming next week (this week, yikes!)

American Eagle Hoodie from 2 christmas presents ago
Yellow Thermal: target
Yoga Capris: Old Navy
Shoes: Toms
Curious Mutt: Bandit

While I was out Christmas shopping I realized I didn't have a WIWW picture and took advantage of the full length mirror at DSW. **secret. i wanted those shoes. Steve Madden Ballet Flats... my real shoes are moccasins in the back ground :)

Jeans: Hudson
Jacket: Gap
Purse: Chanel

While Christmas shopping on Friday... I managed to snag some cute shoes (for myself...) I TRIED to get them in my sister's size but they didn't have any. Too cute not to get for myself...

Shoes: Macy's
Jeans: Same Hudsons 
Shirt: Gap
Jacket: The awesome one from France, remember?

Back to a life of studying. yuck.
i think i was in pjs all day sunday and monday gross...

 And today... i wore leggings, a hoodie, and uggs just to take a crim law final. back to studying! I'm FREEEEEE ON THURSDAY at 9pm!!!! It seems so close, yet so far away...


  1. Good Luck good luck GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. The outfits and the yellow mirror are cute!

  3. I love your awesome jacket from France! I used to have one just like it when I was younger. I had begged my parents for it. Now I'm thinking I should ask them if they have it around their house somewhere!