Thursday, December 2, 2010

Milk & Honey

Growing up, when I couldn't go to sleep, I would join my mom in the kitchen for some {hot} milk & honey. I know half of the people reading this are thinking, 'ew, HOT MILK?!' but mmmm. De-lish. I used to act like I couldn't sleep just so I could crawl out of bed and get a cup of goodness. The point is, I love milk & honey, it brings such fond memories to mind. Fast forward twenty or so years and Etsy has given me a new reason to be obsessed with milk & honey all over again!

Etsy Artist: CourtneyJo

Etsy Shop:  Milk & Honey Naturals (click to visit)

Product: Quality Organic Soap 

Extra Bonus: Pleasant & Personable Seller, Packaged Ready to Gift, Surpassed Expectations, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, F-A-S-T Shipping, Amazing Scents!

Milk & Honey Naturals is a place to find high quality, handmade soap products that are designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul while cleansing, moisturizing and relaxing you from head to toe. 

CourtneyJo sent me not one, but THREE amazing soaps. When I opened the package I just closed my eyes and stuck my nose in the manilla envelope. {wish that was a joke...} I stared at the adorable packaging for about 30 minutes and didn't want to open them just because they were wrapped so cute and delicately! I couldn't believe how amazing they all smelled. I won't lie, I guess I thought organic meant weak scent, I was wrong! It's a pleasant fresh scent, not an overwhelming perfume-y smell.

These will make the most thoughtful gifts. I am so excited to give handmade gifts that are so well made this Christmas. No harsh perfumes, moisturizing, no animal products, and vegan. Love.

This Basil, Lime and Garden Greens soap is SO fun! Look at the shape! It made me smile just knowing someone out there {hi, CourtneyJo} is THAT talented! I can't believe someone just like you and I can create stuff this cute! I wish you could scratch and sniff the screen to see how amazing they smell!

Honeysuckle, Ylang Ylang and Muguet 

Please read CourtneyJo's profile and tell me you didn't just feel rejuvenated! My favorite part was how she lives out her passion through her shop and its products:

 "Through my interests in balancing mind and body I became immersed in eastern culture and natural living. Choosing organic foods led to organic clothing and then to all products; especially bath and beauty because our bodies are exposed to them daily. Now I like to make my own products, especially handmade soap, so I have control over every ingredient.

I love that I can offer my handmade organic products to others. General health and well-being should be the top priority of every person. Every change starts with one good decision leading to another. It is a gradual process that begins with taking the first step."

Wow. Well done Milk & Honey Naturals, I wish you nothing but the best and cannot wait to gift your soap to friends and family. Thank you for being passionate, organic, and affordable! 

I know all the ladies in my life would love the special thought of a Milk & Honey Naturals soap. There are so many bland and boring soaps out there, these were so adorable- I absolutely loved the raw organic vibe. Feel good and smell great by supporting an Etsy Artist! Go browse her shop and see all the incredible scents {it's hard not to say flavors with rosemary, basil, lime, vanilla, and hazelnut as ingredients!} and pick some out for yourself to relax and indulge or to give as a small gift/stocking stuffer to those you love! Personally, I'm dying to try this one (hint, hint if anyone wants to get me anything...) and the this...Support Handmade! 


  1. this looks like something I would eat...and love. Can you eat it?

  2. y'all, I was tempted to take a bite out plenty while takin these pics, especially the green one! mmmm. you should see how many different stuff she has! (and buy some! that goes without saying haha)