Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Bee's Knees

Noun--the bee's knees

  1.  Something excellentoutstanding.
    We had strawberry shortcake for breakfast on Saturday and the kids thought it was the bee’s knees.

I mean that in every way. These earrings are the bee's knees. no, really... ok, so other than the fact that they're really called that- they are superb little earrings!

I was so impressed with the quality of the earrings, they do NOT resemble any Forever 21 poorly made earrings. They were so adorable and unique. I am so pleased with them, you will be too!

I have extremely sensitive ears and can wear earrings for only so long before my ears get irritated, red, and hurt like whoa- I can honestly say that I forgot I had these in until I went to brush my teeth before bed and noticed them. They are so lightweight, I think that has a lot to do with how comfortable they are. I can't believe I forgot I had them in!

Etsy Artist: Lindsay

Etsy Shop:  Pinsies (click to visit)

Product: Adorable Dahlia Stud Earrings 

Extra Bonus: Nicest Seller (Such a Pleasure to Deal With!), Affordable Shop, GREAT Items, Seller Has GREAT Taste, Fast Shipping, Item Came Perfectly Packaged so it Can Ship Directly to Whoever You Wish to Give Them to Without Worrying About Wrapping!

Lindsay was so super nice and I was so shocked how quickly I received the earrings (even with it being Thanksgiving weekend!) She carefully packaged everything in such adorable tissue paper and thoughtfulness. After getting the package and seeing how carefully packed everything was, I knew I could order some for my friends and family and have them sent directly to their homes without worrying about the presentation. I love her shop. You can tell how trendy she is through her pictures, like someone I'd love to meet!

More products in the Pinsies store for you to love:

Go visit her shop! Tell me which one YOU like the most!

Think of Lindsay before you purchase another pair of generic earrings at the mall! Help a local Etsy artist do something she is passionate about! It is well worth every penny to support artists like Lindsay!


  1. LOVE these... can't wait to order!

  2. These are adorable! Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Btw, you are absolutely beautiful! Love your blog!

  3. i want these, so cute!! i have super sensitive ears. i never wear earrings bc of they really don't bother you at all? i might just have to order some :)

  4. thanks! :) Buff, they don't bother me AT all. I really meant that tidbit, i forgot they were in until i got to a mirror! they are so light and easy to keep in! i'm in love and i think i'm getting a red pair next!