Friday, April 22, 2011

Feature Friday + Birthday Pics!

You can find me {and my office} at Remodelaholic for their Friday Feature!! WHOOP WHOOP! Go stop by and see today at 5!

In other news, here are some pics of birthday dinner last night :) I had so much fun with the boys! 

Bobo and I

Ordy & I

Two Amazing Men! 

Enjoying the amazing patio weather! 

After a lovely dinner and then ice cream (of course!)- I came home to someone who was just dying to wish me a Happy Birthday and love up on me! 

We had a fun time comparing who had a bigger head. I think it's obvious B does.


I love my little mutt-mutt! I also love the boys who made tonight's birthday dinner a huge success! Ordy has tomorrow off for Good Friday and we will of course be using it as an extension of birthday celebration. I may be 25, but I'm still taking at least 2 days for celebrations (better than the entire month when I was 21!!) 

Speaking of, I thought I'd leave y'all with a flash back of pictures throughout the years (from what I have on my harddrive- sorry no 5-13 year old pics of me with my buzz cut!) 

20 years old and being a diva... Yikes. Love you, bff.

20-Party TWO

20- Party THREE

Whoever had the creepy idea to make me eat my face on my cake should be punished. 

21- Party ONE

21-Party TWO

21- Party THREE

21- Party FOUR

22- Party ONE

22- Party TWO

22- Party THREE
me, mom, baby KIAN!
23- Party ONE

23- Party TWO

23- Party THREE


And of course, who can forget the amazing surprise party Ordy threw for me- having everyone there without me having a clue (trust me, if I knew I wouldn't have repeated a birthday dress! Um, hello 22 and 24... haha!) 

Well, I hope you had as much fun as I did going down Birthday Brat Memory Lane!!! It was a blast for me to relive these moments!!! Until next year!


  1. Oh wow - you do have a lot of parties!!! I'm jealous. ;) haha.
    I have a birthday next week too - we're April buddies!
    Your Ordy is such a doll. I love all the pictues of you guys!

  2. HAAAAAAAAAPPY BIIIIIIIRTHDAY!!! :D Is that baby Bandit in the 21- Party TWO pic??? He was sooooo tiny!! :)

  3. Such great birthday pics Joon. Glad your birthday has been so lovely.

  4. Glad you had a good birthday! :)
    Wow, I cannot believe how tiny your dog was on your 21st, especially not compared to how gigantic he is now! :O

  5. Yay for being featured!!

    And so glad your birthday was great. I love all the pics! And Bandit giving you some loving. :) Sweet pup!

    And, P.S., I completely think it is appropriate to celebrate a birthday all month long. It's something I came to terms with sometime around 21.

  6. you are too cute - looks like you had quite the paaaaarty, bday girl!!!

    love your office too - awesomeness!!!

  7. Forget that last DM! :) Looks like a lot of fun. I am rethinking how I celebrate my birthdays after seeing this! I apparently do not have enough parties on my bday week :) Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy (belated) birthday!
    Does this make you an Aries??