Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIWW & Creative Estates Planning!

I'd be lying if I said I don't care about what to pack for CE... I have used this as an excuse to go shopping and have scooped up some new stuff...

Onto what I wore this week...

Dinner with Ordy at Fellini's- our favorite late night outdoor patio pizza place. whew. long description. 
Sweater: Sister gave off shoulder with studs
Pants: the most comfortable black sweat skinnies- you can't really tell i'm being lazy in stretchy pants! From Tj Maxx 
ring: Loehmann's huge white ceramic ring I love
Camera Strap: The one I won in a giveaway but got lost in the mall (and replaced!!) from Eclectic Whatnot

Day in Kennesaw with India and later on dinner with Ordy: 
Sweater/jacket: borrowed India's since I spent the night before
Navy Sweater: Forever 21
Under Shirt: India's
Pants: Nordstrom Rack cargo skinnies

Rainy day lunch with Ordy at Flip Burger
Trench: Sister's
Skinnies: Forever 21
Boots: Burberry

Dinner out to celebrate 
Jacket: NY&Co Blazer
Shirt: You can't tell but it's really cute and ruffley...Nordstrom Rack
Dark Denim Skinnies: Forever 21
Wedges: H&M

Pretty Sunday out with my Bobo and Ordy: 
Tank: Target (love how it's two completely different sides/prints)
Skinnies: JEGGINGS! Don't judge me...
Shoes: Bought from a boutique similar to these 

NASTY day... late to class... thunderstorm kept me up all night! Bandit and I had to hide in my downstairs bathroom because I seriously thought my roof was about to get ripped off!

Polo Oxford
Hudson Jeans
Minnetonka Moccasins 

This is Grandma Bandit who hid in a bathroom with me all night :)

Onto Creative Estates shopping. Here are things I LOVED (some I didn't buy because I was convinced I could recreate for less... self-proclaimed DIY cheap-o)

I feel like I could beautify a simple cardigan with some lace and pretty buttons. And I will do JUST that for my next project! 

I wish Fedoras loved me as much as I love them...unfortunately, I think my face is too wide/chubby. But this one was SO cute and springish! 

Excuse the oily residue, I just left getting my mani/pedi and am in love with this color! 

Love these doily inspired sandals... I might have to justify this into my wardrobe. So cute and girly...

And the last random part of this past. A lesson for all you ladies...
Remember my hairy situation? Well, I absolutely loved my lighter hair... like beyond love- I caught myself not recognizing my reflection and it was fun to be this 'different' person! Anyhow, last weekend my sister kept pointing out that I was "red headed" and I didn't think so, but could see it in the sun... as seen below: 

 I loved the lightness here: 

But that's my sister taking my phone and taking a pic of the "crown" of my head to show me the super red tone... 

After noticing it myself (but not really minding because I just liked it light!!!) I called my AMAZING hair stylist (she seriously is amazing and you all should be jealous! just kidding...) She immediately came over THAT SAME NIGHT to "tone" it. I didn't know what this meant but she explained that dark hair going light usually turns out "brassy" and needs toning, so she wasn't surprised I needed it... 

After toning: it turned darker and I had trouble adjusting! I was so sad I could hardly sleep that night thinking I just "painted over a once beautiful artwork!" HA, I feel like I ruined everything we worked so hard to get! Light hair! It would be like spray painting something white after days of priming, and then turning around and spray painting it navy blue. I was so sad! I thought all our work to achieve light hair was in vain :( 

on our way to dinner showing the darker hair
After a few shampoo sessions later, the darkness is kind of disappearing... it's still not as light as it was BUT it's not completely dark either. 

I'm not too upset because I'm going lighter in a few months (and I have the best hair stylist that can do it with no problem at all), but still- it was such a set back! All that to say, don't be SO NIT PICKY like I was! 

I just spent an hour trying to narrow down Creative Estate outfits and I'm so overwhelmed I don't even know where to start! UGH! lucky people who live in Arizona and can just go home for outfit changes!


  1. first of all, i love your blog and can't believe i just found it!! second of all, you are beautiful! third, i love your outfits and i need those lace sandals!! can you buy me a pair (size 7.5) too and bring them to CreativeEstates for me?? ;) can't wait to meet you!!!

  2. We're twins and cant wait to meet you and your fabulous self!!! Lots of love!!!

  3. Okay, first of all, your hair is gorgeous in all those shades of loveliness! Secondly, I also dig the lace sandals!! You are rockin those outfits girl! And I'm just over-stressing about what to pack for CE. This is ridiculous! I started packing a week ago and now I'm redeciding everything. LOL. AND I LIVE IN PHOENIX!!! LOL

  4. cute outfits, girl! actually just found you via sandyalamode - she told me we'll get to see you at CE.

    can't wait. ;) (and you're not alone - i totally care about what i'm wearing...hehe. airport security is gonna think there is a dead body and half in my suitcase - blah).

  5. Pack everything. Then you won't have to go through the "wish I woulda packed that" thing. Haha! I think your hair is beautiful. :)

  6. The fedora looks great on you! I think you should definately purchase one! And those sandals are adorable!! I may have to go on the search for some like that :)

  7. Started following you today after seeing you were at Creative Estates via Twitter. I was there too wish I would have noticed this earlier so we could have met! Hope you had a good time!