Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planning Ahead

It's no secret, I'm a procrastinator. I work best on a deadline... I get some weird adrenaline rush... Welllllll, I have a deadline. It's come and gone. Now I'm panicking.

My first final is in one week. I have back-to-back {to-back} finals, times 5. So... I need to take a two week bloggy break- I know, I know! I can hear the whining now! You'll miss me, you don't know what to do without me, etc... <--just kidding, I can dream- can't I!?

Since I know the reality of it {no post in a week and you'd ditch me like a bad habit!!} I am setting up some pretty awesome guest posts for y'all not to miss me too much. If you think you might be interested to do one yourself, c'mon down! {Price is Right reference...} E-mail me what you have in mind and I'll set a date for you!

I'm looking for anything that fits in with the theme of the blog, {a new project that hasn't been posted yet} and on the day of your post date have a teaser on your blog mentioning where your followers can find you {here!}

Slots are filling up, so I need about 2-4 more. If not, no biggie! Guess what though? Come May 4th I will be the happiest little blogging bee! I will be on summer vaca <--seeing as I can't even land an unpaid internship haha and can remodel/redecorate/redesign/plan projects/paint/etc all day e'ry day!


  1. I'm trying my best to get you an internship!!!!! :) Good Luck with Finals!

  2. I was SO tempted to volunteer as a guest blogger. But remembered I am officially in the final stretch of grad school. And have a MAJOR (as in THE) project due at the end of the week. Hence the reason I am still up at this time... And reading blogs, you ask? Well, I needed a break.