Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIWW Creative Estates Edition

Ok, so after my week of stressing last week, (because of how nervous I was to meet these lovely ladies) and leaving my entire house a wreck... these are the outfits I actually wore. It was a miserably cold and rainy Saturday in Arizona (just my luck, right?) so HALF the outfits I packed just sat in my suitcase (of course I overpacked...)

Before I post pics and outfits I HAD to share a sweet Ordy Boy moment! (Since this blog is about us, it's only fair, right?!)

Ordy travels Mon-Friday and I was sad I would miss him since I flew out Thursday morning... It would mean 2 weeks of not seeing him. I was home straightening my frizzball hair when I heard my doorbell ring Wednesday night around 11pm... It was my adorable Ordy Boy who caught the last flight out of Dallas to hand deliver my Wednesday Dozen and wish me well on my first "big girl trip all alone!" <-- his words... He wanted to "see me off properly"... I was pleasantly shocked as I had just made arrangements with his roommate to take me to the airport Thursday morning!
I deliberately wanted to wear a "loud" shirt as my airport outfit because I wanted it to be easy to find my roommate (whom I had never met before!) I actually tweeted her this same exact picture so she could find me! Great minds think alike because she wore stripes as well!

Shoes: The ones from this post
Only... add a trench because of the freezing weather!!! YIKES!
A rainy day in Arizona, thank goodness Ordy told me to pack my rain jacket!
I promise... He's normal. I don't know how to prove it... but you'll just have to trust me! That's the face I got... but that's what I'll post if he keeps giving it! Love him and was so happy to see him!

If this is your first time here, welcome! I'm linking up to the Pleated Poppy! If you've never done so, I encourage you to try it! If we met at Creative Estates, thanks for visiting my blog! {Feel free to tell me if an outfit is not as flattering in person as it is on my camera phone! HA, justtttt joking}


  1. Love the white dress and that coral bright cardi, fabulous. I am glad you had a good trip and yeah for boys that care, so sweet. Have a lovely week honey. axx

  2. I love that orange cardigan. It's so darling.
    And it shows you how cold it was on Fri. night - I had no idea you had such a cute top on under your coat!! haha. ;)

  3. Love the new details (notebook paper and cute comments on the pics)!


  4. You are the cutest girl EVER! Loved seeing all your fun outfits in person last week! Typically all lovey dovey type posts from other people that pretend everyday is that perfect seriously annoy me BUT after meeting you and hearing you speak about Ordy, oh my, you two really are the flippin' cutest lovey dovey couple alive!

  5. Looks like you had a blast!! I LOVE your blog and I LURRVVVVEEEEEE your house!!!! So cute! ;)