Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Highs and Lows, Lows and Highs

I'm gonna go out of order and START with the negative note and end on the happy one! Sound good? Maybe just this week but let's go with it... How have y'all been doing on the high/low posts? I would love to get to know y'all more and have you link up when you do them! It's so fun getting to know each of my readers individually- I have become close friends with lots of you and I love it!

Having to catch up with school/life after an amazing mini-break for Creative Estates - I feel like I came back with so many ideas only to have to put them on hold and remind myself I'm a student before I'm a "blogger"...

Getting sick right after and taking over a week to recover {still sick as I type... it's the worst} I find myself pleading with God to make me feel better for finals and I'll be ok with being sick on May 4th hahaha. I'm a negotiator.

I woke up from a 4 hour nap starving. Only to open my fridge and see EVERYTHING was expired. The lettuce was liquifying and browning and I could smell the contents of my fridge- hate when that happens. I quickly shut it and saw that I couldn't have my typical milk and cereal so I settled for "CANcakes" pancakes from a can... It's safe to say that nothing in my fridge is SAFE to eat. The pancakes expired Jan 11, along with the syrup- last year. Did I still eat it? Absolutely? Am I ashamed? Absolutely. Hey, might as well while I'm 'single'.

Dropping my phone and having the screen cracked into a million pieces... SO not FUN!

My birthday is tomorrow and it doesn't feel like it. No party planned...nothing. We usually have a week long of festivities. It's birthday month, now it's hardly birthday week. In fact, Thursday is my busy school day and it'll hardly be birthday DAY! I sound like a brat and I guess I'm growing up... but birthdays were always a HUGE deal growing up... our own individual cake/breakfast first thing in the morning while we opened a gift and listened to the loudest most obnoxious birthday song on cassette. 

23rd Birthday at the Bluegrass Festival 
24th Birthday at the most amazing surprise birthday party Ordy threw for me. 
This year I don't even have dinner planned. Oh, sad ol' me. At least I get a car insurance break at 25? There's a high... 

Having my Bobo {Gramps} buy me a new iPhone 4 for my birthday... Can't say I'm upset about the upgrade- Hellooooooo FaceTime and clearer pics! I also got the OtterBox to prevent any more fatal accidents. I don't care how bulky it makes my phone, I was sold when the guy said he ran his over and it survived. {Why did I get a white one though??? Spray tan/bronzer rub, ugh, amateur move!}

Spending Sunday with Ordy and his Uncle & his wife. I love them. I love anyone in Ordy's family, but I especially love D&K. They are so cute and I feel like I've known them all my life. We went up there to pick up a 50 foot painting Ordy got. UGH. ok, I exaggerate. It's only 9 feet. Only??

I FINALLY WON THE INTERIOR DECORATING ARGUMENT!!! Let me explain... Ordy has been saying over and over I have to choose ONE room to decorate, he gets the other: Master bedroom or Living Room. Wait, whaaaaa? My bf cares about how to decorate a future room in a future house, that's normal, right?! I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse to have a bf care about decorations, but I'm thinking we are going to have an interesting future decorating our home...

We made a pact not to buy anymore stuff for our separate homes since we're already going to face a huge challenge combining the two homes... Think Cracker Barrel/ Longhorn's meets Flip Burger and Urban/Girly decor... How will the two live in perfect harmony??! Well. He broke the rule when he bought yet another "man cave" item.

High: This weekend {in front of witnesses} he gave up. He said, "fine. you can decorate the entire house. I get say so on the exterior." FINE BY ME!! WHOO HOO! This is huge, you have no idea how much we struggled with this! HAHA! {he's so scared the whole house will be sterile white lacquered furniture}...

After a text message explaining the rough Monday I was having, I was out on my walk with Bandit when I saw his truck by my car. He was standing outside with these flowers {and yogurt covered pretzels}. I said, "wait a sec... it's not Wed!" His response: "I know but you said you were having a rough day, I figured you could use these"... And that's why he's the best. 

Being able to wake up 11 minutes before class, throw on sweats, and still make it on time (or a minute late, technicalities)... The high? Being a commoner, I can do this- and future Princess Kate Middleton can never be seen leaving her house castle in sweat pants. Bless her heart. I feel sorry for her.

That Quahog is really a word. Feel free to add me and watch me dominate play Words With Friends!

This blanket turns 25 with me on Thursday. Growing up it was just a given I was a tomboy. More matchbox cars than barbie dolls. I tortured my sister's only baby doll, "baby michelle"... I drew green markered snot boogers in her nostrils, cut her fingers, chopped her hair, and tortured the doll with my male cousin, who was 3 months older than me. I would ditch "doll time" and do tom-boyish things instead... I seriously probably scared my parents when I wore boy clothes up until I turned 15. I didn't even know what make up was until 16/17. You can say my parents have nothing to worry about now... I still hate the color pink. I don't think that will ever change.

Being sick has forced me to stay in and get as much rest as possible. That means I finished this in less than 24 hours... JUST in time for the movie!! Wish I had that passion with Con Law... 

Another high: that I have the privilege of calling this sweet boy mine. He is my favorite thing to come home to. I was driving to run errands the other day and thought about losing B when I just started bawling. I mean full-fledge hiccup crying that one day, I will have to say goodbye. I don't ever want to. 

Well, that about wraps that up! What about you? Care to share? I'd love to see what your week held for you!

It would totally be a high if I won the Epic Letterpress over at Positively Splendid! I met Amy at Creative Estates and she is just the cutest thing ever. I have always LOVED her blog so I was kind of star struck when I met her! We had a letterpress demo at the conference and I'm hooked. I want one of these bad boys bad! The giveaway ends tonight, but I'm hoping I have some birthday luck and win it!!!!!

Interested in guest posting on Ordy & Joon? Let me know!


  1. Too cute! And what a sweet bf! Mine cared about decor too...we still have issues...but I usually win :)! My high of the week was meeting you IRL. Technically it was last week but it counts right?

  2. Holy moly, Cancakes?! Why have I never heard of this invention! Those would be so complimentary to my breakfast specialty- frozen waffles! And happy birthday tomorrow! I hope you find a little time to celebrate!

  3. oh man. i know how you feel, been sick for a week now. love this post. if you get a free second stop by and check out my latest go-to fash, summer must have, and see pictures from the fall/winter preview I attended Monday in Beverly Hills. xoxo

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news.!/FashBoulevard

  4. i have been looking at building my own letterpress for the past 2 weeks! thinking of new ideas for my xmas cards this year.

    and another high for you should be a midnight phone call from me for your birthday... no?

    and stop breaking your phones!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! 25? You're a baby! Wish I could only be 25!! Have a good one.

  6. I hope you're feeling better and I'll be thinking about you during all those finals!! YUCK!
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday Joon!! (It's what all the cool people do) hahahaha

  7. Aww, your dog is so cute! :D
    Happy birthday for tomorrow! :)

  8. Happy birthday. Mine sucked worse than yours could ever...don;t even get me started (i am old and it was a I am ignoring them).

    My hubby cares too much about our decor...he still misses his brown sectional from UCLA days...ick!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  9. You need to tell me your secret -- my bf still thinks he has a say in our home decor. Half the time, I ask him and try to compromise. Or finish quickly when I know he's out for a while. Future man cave - he can have. But houses should look like homes. Not man caves.

    Also, your dog is absolutely adorable. I see he likes to pose for the camera. My pup is also a camera whore. But I like it.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had a fantastic day!