Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

For those of you who weren't able to make it to Creative Estates... I'll be more than happy to brief you guys on the events!

If anyone knows how to format my pics to work best on Blogger, I'd love to know! I am so upset with the way they uploaded I almost didn't hit publish! For the best pics of Creative Estates Update go here!

There's no denying that 80% of my excitement for attending Creative Estates was to rub shoulders with the best of the best crafty bloggers... The other 20% was the excitement to learn new things haha. If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'..
The attending list made me so giddy I could hardly contain myself. Please note: I am making fun of myself as I type this, so if you plan on calling me out- it won't work, I won't feel like any more of a nerd! 

How is one qualified as a "celebrity", you ask? Well, when their following includes more than their immediate friends and family... I consider them a pretty big deal. So without further ado... here goes my claim to bloggy fame--total joke.

I'll start with the two most famous men on campus...(Pretty much the only men...other than Harrison from GroopDealz...) Conrad Jon and Jacob Jon, as I lovingly renamed them. 

The VERY FIRST blog I ever followed! I probably can attribute lower grades last semester from going over post after post watching her transform her Tuscan-style home into a refreshing, bright, airy house! She was generous enough to always reply to my e-mails -no matter how big her blog was! (Like one time when I was at a thrift store and saw a BIN full of colorful tubes and sent her the pic- she responded within minutes saying, "that's expensive vinyl, get them all!!!") 

I don't think there is any other way to describe her than "Saint Jen"... she seriously is the sweetest person, always smiling! I wonder if her cheeks hurt from all that smiling?! She has been so encouraging and had nothing but sweet things to say about my lemon wreath- I died when she complimented it! 

By far the nicest person I met and connected with at the conference... She is so sweet, encouraging, and genuine. I found myself cracking up at our text thread on Saturday and I miss her so much already!

Oh.em.gee. this girl... THIS girl... Lara (Ellie G on her blog)... SO spunky, so cute, so funny. I loved her hair, her blog, her personality, and her purse. She is amazing. She was so warm and welcoming when I met her and I loved her ever since. 

Another "saint-like" reference would have to go to Kami... I first saw her leading the Letterpress class and I couldn't believe how soft-spoken and sweet she was. She has the calmest spirit that I can only pray I one day get! She was on the photography panel and even spent extra time helping me use my Nikon... I mean, everyone was already headed to their break out groups and this amazing woman was on her hands and knees on the dirty ground with me to try and get a close shot! Here she is in the middle of Bev and I...
Char, Lara, Kami
Ok, spunkiest/funniest/coolest award has to go to Becca. She was so nice and humble I found myself floored she spent so much time with "smaller" blogs as opposed to just congregating with the "big dogs" haha awful analogy, but you get the idea. She was so genuine and sweet! I loved sharing my side of the table at Girl's Night Out with her... she kept me laughing all night! don't mind that I am double her size in the picture... I'll just convince myself it's because she is SO SMALL (probably 80lbs soaking wet...)  

The incredibly talented, extremely graceful (and gorgeous), always lovely Kim from TomKat Studio. I spend countless hours on her blog just oohing and aahing over all her eye candy on her blog. She did an amazing job all weekend and her displays were the most photographed! She took the time to talk to me at GNO and I couldn't get over how down to earth she was... 

Another huge shock: how humble Cindy was! I took copious notes of her panel discussion and the thing that stuck with me most all weekend was to have a close group of blogs to network with and count on. I loved the idea of having a skype group of people to idea share and get honest advice regarding our blog content and formatting. When I went to talk to her and thank her she said she would help with our group! I.Died. She is my hero. For real. 

Ohhhhhh what is there to say that hasn't already been said about the hilarious, incredible, lovable (but not huggable) Char?! I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked to with her but from what little time I did spend with her, I know she's one amazing person! I love her humor and her blog and the fact that she had a "crap" necklace on...  

I was instantly drawn to April Kennedy for two reasons: 1) she looks like my aunt's blonde twin and 2) she had on Toms and the cutest outfits. When I met her I was jealous she had just won the Letterpress but I worked past my jealousy and was so happy for her because she is so darn cute she deserved it! 

 504 Main, also a blog celebrity in my book- was there and one of the people I got close with- but NO PICTURE! SO SAD! Holly is an amazing person- so full of energy and kept me laughing all weekend- and she smells AWESOME.

Other celebrities like Tauni and SheyB were on the list- only I didn't get a chance to take a picture! Add other bigger blogs- I don't want to leave anyone out! These are just the people I got a chance to snap a pic with!

SAD REALIZATION: I didn't get a picture with Amy from one of my FAVORITE blogs EVER: The Idea Room!!! I am so bummed out but then again, I began chatting it up with her while in line for dinner... where I told her her celebrity twin is Rachel Griffiths from the show Brothers and Sisters (only Amy is prettier, of course!)

I am exhausted with the amount of time the picture loading has taken and will have to do a part 2 for the rest of the pictures! I can't wait to share the rest of my Creative Estates Experience with y'all! 


  1. What the .... I thought I already was following you. Seriously! Thank goodness I follow you on Twitter so I could see you had posted! LOL! Hey, pictures are a pain, I don't care how you slice it......but even not-the-best ones are great! Your post is awesome cuz YOU are awesome and all those LADIES are awesome! Really really wish it had been one day longer! Don't you? Well, okay, maybe TWO days longer. I wasn't ready to come back home yet. lol

    p.s. you're awesome! ;)

  2. And ohmygosh, guess what? See my profile pic right here? Well you are standing right next to me, but I cut your face out cuz you are my competition..........for the Letterpress, I mean. ;)

  3. Oh Joon you are the best!! It was so fun to look through the pictures - I miss everyone already!! :)!!!
    How is it that you look fabulous in every picture and in half of mine I am making the weirdest face?? Not fair. ;)

  4. LOL! LOL! I can't believe you put that pic up! I am bummed we didn't get a picture too! What a fun post! Glad to be included in your post girl. I loved meeting you so much. You were one of the highlights of the conference for me!

  5. I was gonna be your 300th...man I didn't get here fast enough!!:) LOve the blog!! I am number 301!:)

  6. Happy to be #300! :) It was so fun to meet you at the conference- nice to put a face and darling personality with the twitter handle! Looking forward to getting to know you better.
    p.s. do you edit your photos before you upload them to blogger? I have been trying to decrease the pixels before I upload so it doesn't take so long. don't know if that helps. :)

  7. Grr. My comment didn't stick because after I hit post I was exiting the page and then saw you had word verification. Forgot about that.

    Anyway, I am more sad now than I was before reading this post. (tear) Jealous and sad.... ;p Happy you had so much fun though. And BEV is one of MY FAVORITE blog/twitter celebs too.

  8. man, i wish i got a pic with the silhouette boys too!! they were awesome! and this was such a great line-up of pics, girl!!!!

    so glad we got the chance to meet. you are awesome!!!

  9. stopping by to send some blog love.

    i've been a reader for a few weeks now and i just love your blog!

  10. Sounds like you had such a blast!! Can't wait to see all the fun stuff you learned! I am still jealous you went! :)

    -Anna, www.writingthislife.com

  11. that's soo awesonme you got pics with all the celebrities hehe! so glad to have met you at the airport, i do wish we could have hung out more tho, heart u girl!

  12. It was so fun to meet you! You are a crack up! I loved your recap of the conference!

    What a fun weekend!