Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guest Post: Thrifty Finds & Redesigns!

Hello Ordy & Joon readers! I’m Katie, your guest blogger today from Thrifty Finds and Redesigns!
Thrifty Finds and Redesigns is my collection of DIY projects and decorating ideas!

Today I am going to share a furniture redo with you! A few weekends ago, I found this little telephone table at our local flea market. One of my favorite vendors was selling it, she had another one that she had refinished but she encouraged me to go for the cheaper one, "It will be such a fun project for you!" and it has been such a fun project! I still hesitated though, because I couldn't think of where it would go in our home, I feel like we are maxing out our space already! I decided that it didn't matter where it went, I NEEDED IT! She only charged me $20 for it, and her finished one was $50. I thought the savings were worth it to just do the work myself!


I am in LOVE! It was sooo simple to fix up, it took me no time to do it! I started by painting the entire thing gray....

I then sanded it down to distress the edges, and rubbed wood stain on it to further "antique" it....

I covered the seat with drop cloth. The original seat back was missing so, I traced out the shape onto thick cardboard, cut it out, and also covered it in drop cloth. I then decided to paint it....I used a stencil and acrylic paint to add the design...

Once the paint dried on the table and seat backing, I put it back together! I then added a crate, that I have had for a while, from Home Goods...I made a little tag out of cork to give it a little something extra...

My ball jar lamp also found a new home on the table and I think it goes well with the old style telephone table...

As you can see, it found a home in our home! I moved some stuff around to make it work and couldn't be happier with it.
Hope this inspires you to take home an old piece of furniture and give it a makeover! Thanks for having me Joon! Feel free to stop by and check out my other projects!

Thanks, Katie! You guys should DEFINITELY check out Katie's adorable blog! I spend way too much time going over all of her cute projects! Thank you so much for guest posting for me while I bury my head in these books! 


  1. Katie only you can make something look that fantastic!

  2. This looks amazing! i have been looking for a telephone table for months now but have had no luck. i love this idea!

  3. Great transformation. Turned out cute!

  4. Laina, I told you you'd love it! You should see the rest of her stuff- very similar to your style- I think you'd enjoy her blog!