Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Adventures of Moody and Joon

Ordy Boy got back from work around 8, with Wednesday's flowers, and I loved them, peach and yellow gladiolas. Ordy planned on having dinner by the Eiffel Tower so we could see it at night and I absolutely loved the idea. He wasn't really himself, but I just assumed he was hungry (since that's when I get grumpy...), so we rushed out the door before it got any later. We made our way to the metro and he was still acting really weird. That's two days in a row! I finally got it out of him that he was pretty miserable. He is not a fan of France! It doesn't help that work has been stressful. He's ready to be home, at his house, in his routine, in his comfort zone, and able to just jump in his car when he wants to go places. He was honestly homesick it seemed. I guess two weeks was just too long, he said he wished it was just 2-3 days. I just think he didn't like the way his shirts were dry cleaned. He says he hates France because: the showers make no sense (no doors, get water everywhere), he has to ride the stinky metro and bus just to get to work (which is hot with no ac), everything is filthy, the nearest grocery store emits the most rank rotten produce smell which he has to pass every morning to work, **this next one is funny** he gets trapped in elevators (this morning at work), no Jimmy Dean for breakfast- only cold cuts he doesn't recognize, and nowhere takes American Express. He also freaked out that they don't starch shirts (the way he likes them)... He made it very clear he would NEVER return to this country... Sad. I was hoping to have a villa here one day haha.
Moody Boy getting on the metro

We went down towards the Eiffel Tower area and got pizza to go enjoy at the park. It was so beautiful at night and every hour on the hour the tower would light up with a ton of sparkles, making it look like glitter all over the Eiffel Tower.
Our pizza was delish! I guess the scenery helped a little too. It was 11:00 p.m. and there were so many people out and about having picnics, kicking a soccer ball around, and just hanging out it made it seem earlier.
Trying to Make Moody Laugh
More Goofing Off for Moody Boy
Enjoying his pizza

Enjoying MY pizza
Honestly, as convenient as the metro is, I am spoiled at home. I hop in my air conditioned car and go where I want... It's hot on the metro, everyone is crammed like a pack of sardines and it seems as though deodorant is optional here... For someone as clean and put together as Ordy, I can see how the chaos of the sloppy, gross, hot Metro bothers him! This is the guy that showers 2-3x a day...and he comes back from work sweaty and wrinkled- and obviously grumpy because of it!

After dinner and our evening at the Eiffel Tower, Ordy was himself again and ready to finish off the week. Honestly, I don't blame him. It makes so much sense, I totally understand where he's coming from and how he feels- I miss my family so much! I can't wait to squeeze my little nephew! I'm ready to be in my own house again with my puppy even though it's been an amazing vacation. It adds up when we were away the week before too! Tonight was very memorable and I had a blast with Ordy even though he had a 45 minute pity party haha. He was his cute, quirky self at the Eiffel Tower and the ride back, so that's all that matters!

p.s. this is a repost from last night because of the mess ups. the posts were running into each other so i had to delete the old and just repost it.

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