Saturday, July 24, 2010


On top of the Eiffel Tower! Don't worry- he got someone to take a picture of the whole thing, and he got on one knee- the ring is beautiful, and...before I give anyone else a heart attack I'm totally talking about someone else :)

I asked Ordy at breakfast how many proposals we would see today and sure enough someone proposed to his gf (and we saw two weddings). It was too fun not to start today's post with that- especially since I didn't lie! HE did propose- to HIS gf. hahaha.

Ok, enough of that... haha, Ordy and I had a jam packed day of being total tourists, I'm definitely feeling the hours of walking on cobblestone. We finally got to see the amazing Eiffel Tower and WOW! SO AMAZING! Here are some shots (keep in mind, we took 560 pictures! wowzers...)

And some more...

After taking pictures, we went and purchased our Batobus tickets that allowed us to hop on and off this bus/boat with 8 different stops, all popular tourist attractions. We made our first stop Notre Dame, and it was amazing. Ordy Boy liked it a lot. Afterwards, we enjoyed nutella banana crepes in front of the church before we headed back to our next stop. We got back on batobus and stopped at the Champs Elysees to catch what was left of the Tour de France since it was there today. We realized it was already 6 and our "summit" tickets to the top of the Eiffel Tower were at 6:30, so we hopped back on the boat and headed back.

The view from the top was incredible. You have no idea how huge it is until you're up there and everything down below looks fake/small! The weather was incredible and we are so blessed to be here!

Sorry for the scare guys :) No one's engaged!


  1. You are such a stinker!! hahahaha
    Love the red shoes!!!!!!

  2. I thought he proposed to you! Haha! Every woman would love to have a romantic proposal and most often they would love it to happen in Paris. Paris is a perfect place for a marriage proposal. That is why it is called “The City of Love." Anyway, what’s that beautiful ring on your finger? It looks like an engagement ring. :D
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