Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rachel McAdams in Paris!

Ok, if you know me- you know I have the worst luck. Just plain bad luck! This story further proves my unfortunate streak of bad timing...

I woke up this morning and decided to go to Doreen's Cafe and read outside since the weather was incredible. I sat outside and read for about an hour when I randomly looked up and noticed a blonde girl approaching. She was dressed "boho-hobo" (think, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), with black jeans, black riding boots, a navy and white striped shirt, and huge red vintage glasses. She had an eery resemblance to Rachel McAdams and I couldn't help but stare. I think she knew I was staring because she saw me and started smiling as she walked passed listening to her headphones. I second guessed myself from thinking it was her because where was her entourage? Why would a celebrity be alone? Something about seeing her smiling, and in her own world with headphones made me realize she probably enjoyed being in a foreign city not constantly recognized. The French were in there own little worlds as she walked by, she was just some average blonde walking by, nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary. I was still questioning whether it was her or not and e-mailed some friends about my 'encounter' if you call it that... since I saw her, and she had no clue who I even was. I came back to the hotel after I was finished reading my book and googled her name to see if she even had blonde hair -because I could've sworn she was a brunette (I never watch movies or keep up with that stuff), and sure enough, all these sites came up how she is blonde, and is in Paris filming a move with Owen Wilson called, Midnight in Paris. I was soooo upset I didn't have my camera and more upset that it really was her after seeing pics of her in the exact sunglasses and boots I just saw her wearing a few hours earlier.
Red Sunglasses
Black Boots

I was shocked and so bummed out. I sat in the room for a few minutes when the cleaning ladies came in to finally tidy up the room. I even thought to myself, 'I should go look for Rachel McAdams since I know what she's wearing and can spot her in a crowd...' then dismissed the silly idea because of how crowded Paris is and what are the odds with MY luck I'd even see her again... So, I rushed and got out of the room service's way SANS CAMERA. (Worst idea ever, who would it have hurt for me to taken two seconds to grab it?!??!) 

Anyhow, I started walking down the street just browsing long enough until the room got cleaned, and all of a sudden, I couldn't believe my eyes- Rachel McAdams leaning on a building looking at a map!!! I was so shocked! I had to approach her, the whole time thinking, what am I gonna say??!?!

Me: Umm.. excuse me, I'm SO sorry to bother you, but I just have to know, are you Rachel McAdams?
Her: (Smiling, and nodding) Yeah...
Me: Oh my gosh! No one is going to believe me!! I KNEW it! I saw you earlier, and thought it, but had to ask when I saw you again! I can't believe I don't have my camera... even though if I had it I probably wouldn't be obnoxious enough to ask you to take a picture, I'm sure you hate that...
Her: (laughing) What's your name?
Me: (so confused/flattered she cared/asked even if she didn't care, and thankful she wasn't just standing there awkwardly with a blank stare asking me to leave) Sheila, and I noticed you have a map, do you need help finding anything? I've been here a little over a week and might be able to help (this is the biggest lie ever, I still get lost finding my way from the hotel to a shop across the street). 
Her: Aww, thanks! You're sweet. No, I'm ok really, just waiting for my ride to get me back to the hotel :)
Me: Ok, well, it was really nice meeting you and I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris! (I wanted to say, please send Channing Tatum my love in the upcoming movie you're doing)
Her: (extending her hand for me to shake) Thank you! It was nice meeting you, Sheila! You too :)
Me: (walking off, cursing the moment I decided to leave my camera in the room).

I'm never washing my hand again. jk. I walked off thinking, 'that was so unreal. Why did some stranger just make my day? Why am I still dwelling on not having my camera?

She was so nice and natural looking, the most fair, porcelain skin I've ever seen, no make up and just a natural beauty/girl next door look. So weird to see someone so simple, be a huge American movie star in the crowd. French people passing her by like she was a nobody, and yet gorgeous french girls walking by getting all the movie star attention, but were actually nobodies... I bet she enjoyed it though, and might even resent the fact that I recognized her... but she was nice enough to not mind. I'm actually ok with not having my camera, because I'm sure when she woke up today and threw clothes on to walk around the city, she might have passed on putting make up on knowing she was a tourist and might not be recognized, so who am I to snap her picture to post all over the internet of her makeupless face? She might not have been as nice as she was if I just shoved a camera in her face... or been hesitant even if I asked. I'm kind of ok with not having my camera because deep down I'd probably be too much of a sissy to ask for a picture because I'd hate for her to say no or be uncomfortable knowing she wasn't all done up and just wanted to be a tourist. 

I walked off knowing it was a neat day, regardless of being documented or not and was excited to have met one of my favorite actresses.


  1. Leslie, it was crazy! I'm still star stuck haha thinking where is she now? where is she eating dinner tonight? will i run into her again with my camera?! hahahaha i'm such a freak! i've decided though that unless she said, "hey sheila!" to me, i won't ask for a picture next time i see her... and since she WON'T say that, I WON'T be taking her pic lol. I heard stars don't like it anyway, she was prolly enjoying the break from the paparazzi!

  2. Seriously Sheila I f'ing love that you thought of Channing when you met her and even if you didnt til you wrote the blog I still love it haha! Once again SOOOO jealous of your life haha

  3. Um I understand about being star struck! [I was on a major high when I met Jeremy Camp hah!]