Monday, July 26, 2010

Panic Attack

I realize why I wouldn't do well living in a big city like New York City... Other than the obvious reason of not having a Chick-fil-a, or knowing what sweet tea is- I couldn't handle the crowds. Everyone is in my way. And i'm sure i'm in their way, but more importantly, they're in my way. I get shoved, pushed, and groped inadvertently and it is out of control!

I woke up today not feeling too great and to top it off our tub was leaking into the room creating a wet spot and making the room damp and smell like mold. We told the front desk and so while they looked at it I had to leave the hotel room, instead of laying down to try and feel better. Sooo I walked to Doreen's to see if Sara was there and just read my book outside/talk to her- she wasn't. I kept walking to the store area and found myself buying a ton of stuff for the kiddo's (mostly Kayden)...and while in the toddler department of this store a guy starts RUNNING my way. I heard it from far away because I heard stuff falling, sneakers screeching, and yelling- and horrified I look up and see some guy coming straight at me, I don't even know what to think of it and I just freeze! He darts off weaving through racks and knocking them over behind him and DARTS up the escalator. It was the strangest thing. I guess he was a shoplifter- who knows. I'm in a foreign country, obviously, so I have no idea what the people around me are saying about it- but there's a universal "what in the world??" on everyones face + a little panic.

I was telling Ordy earlier how crowded the entire place was and how easily someone could get away with doing something dangerous- so encountering this without him was scary enough. I know this is crazy, but since I didn't see anyone chasing the guy I couldn't help but think he might've left something behind in a bag or something to set off after he got outta there... sooo... I listened to my gut, left the sale items, and decided better safe then sorry. Sissy, I know. But i'm weird about listening to your gut feelings and something told me to leave, especially since it wasn't a "chase". I left the store and have no idea what it was, what happened, etc. All I know is i'm safe and glad it wasn't a big ordeal.

When I left the store, I noticed "La Fayette" across the street. If you come to Paris, you will see 95% of the buses and advertisements have La Fayette allllll over them. It's imprinted in your brain- the woman with the Eiffel Tower tied to her head... weird.

Anyhow, I walked in and Oh. Em. Gee. It was HUGE and more ornate than any museum I have EVER seen.
Check out this place, seriously?!

The ceiling!
Debating this as my souvenir :)


It was insanely crowded and from the moment I walked inside the building I felt like a tiny fish caught in the fastest current, pushing me from one floor to another. I couldn't break free from the crowds and I was constantly stuck in the middle of a crowd. When I would veer off to the side to cut through an area it was like a huge joke being played on me by having an old woman blocking the way and walking so slow it was almost backwards. I would have loved to have stayed and looked through stuff (especially since they were having a huge 50% off sale) but it was ridiculously pointless to fight the crowds to do anything. I tried my hardest to catch the wave of people leaving and managed to ride that current out the exit. 

I got back to the hotel, and they gave us a new room- yay for no more dampness and rank smells! And realized HOW MUCH stuff I have in my suitcase. I should have listened to my friends/dad and packed light so I can take stuff back. I brought an empty duffle on the bottom of my suitcase but even that won't be enough. I bought 5 new sweaters today... Nothing fancy but knew it was good quality and I liked them a lot... looking at the suitcase now I realize I probably should have passed on them because I forgot about my 3 new jackets! I'm still not even done souvenir shopping, (which is an entirely different subject! so hard!!!)

Ordy Boy is working late again, but we will be having Indian food with two of his coworkers tonight. I'm interested to see if they have the only Indian dish I can have/like (Chicken Korma= Not spicy!) and I'm also interested to see Ordy Boy enjoy it... Doesn't strike me as the type to try new things, especially in a foreign city haha who knows? Since it's already 8p.m. here I doubt anything other than dinner will happen- but if so, I'll edit this entry :)

Revised Post: It's 11:15 p.m. and Ordy Boy JUST walked into the hotel room from work. No Indian, no dinner plans... I finished an entire 280 page book tonight waiting for him. Kuh-razy. Poor guy.

Strange People in the World

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