Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Fuzzy Caterpillars On My Face...

"You may have caterpillars on your face, but at least you smell good!"      -Ordy Boy.

At least? Thanks Ordy, love you too.

 I have managed to go almost 3 weeks without threading and I am seriously suffering. I had to leave my tweezers in the car because I couldn't check them and I assumed I'd just buy a pair here- I haven't found a single pair of tweezers under 20 Euros... I have been facing a huge dilemma... Asking a stranger for her grooming supplies, or face the facts- I have two fuzzy caterpillars on my face. Ordy Boy can't even look at me without laughing. I don't even know what to think of it at this point! I had to wear a hat after that comment today before dinner haha... and trust me, I kept the bill extremely low, especially when he would look at me. At least I don't grow them in a unibrow style... there's just a lot of random hair under the actual brow- that's driving me insane, especially since it's obvious to the usually oblivious male eye!

I sucked it up and wore a hat and we headed out towards the Ralph Lauren store and Massimo Dutti (Ordy has been wanting to go but he's been getting off work late and they close at 8'ish). Afterwards, I wanted him to see Lafayette in all of it's architectural glory and the minute we crossed the street and entered I had a changed boyfriend. It wasn't even gradual. It was an instant change. Suddenly, I had a brat on my hands! No, really... he was so cranky/grumpy I thought I did/said something to upset him!!! I would ask him what was wrong and he would grunt like a caveman! I was so confused and instantly thought- oh he's hungry, duh! So, I immediately thought to offer food suggestions. I barely got 3 words out of him... "Whatever. You pick." Suddenly, after about 10 minutes in LaFayette and now, without even noticing, we were on the 4th floor he snapped. He had enough of the crowds, enough of the store, enough of being pushed around and HAD TO GET OUT! Ooooohhhh, I get it. Sounds familiar.  Hahaha

The start of grumpy ordy boy
We turned right back around, took 4 escalators to the bottom, and shot out a side street to walk to dinner. We ended up having McDonalds (our first American meal, and so much better here!) and the minute we sat down he was normal again, I even got a smile. He apologized for his behavior and said, "I have no idea why, but it got to me. I'm sick of the crowds!! The store was so hectic/chaotic! I had to get out and I didn't know how to communicate it, every little thing was upsetting me!" Luckily, I knew exactly what Ordy Boy was feeling. I couldn't agree more and I actually felt bad for dragging the poor guy there after a long day of work- I mean, I'm a girl and I panicked, of course he was miserable! HA!

Few pictures I took today in our short trip for the evening ha

Can we say, "baller"

Too pretty, too unreal, too much!
Only in France... Pistachio McFrappe. I got one for Ordy Boy to cheer him up. Haha
Check out the size of the Frappe next to a Regular Soda... No wonder everyone's skinny. 1.) They smoke, and 2.) the desserts aren't Yogli Mogli sized haha
I will be going soon. I need to go soon!
I'm in love with a window display...
Ordy Boy passed out at 8p.m. (still daylight) and I have been ordering text books in the dark on my laptop haha. I don't blame him because he worked a 15 hour day yesterday and I am pretty tired from having a blog mishap last night haha (I tried to make it better, only to make it worse and freak out at 4 a.m.) I'm off to bed!

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