Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st Day of 2L...

I have been so panicked this past weekend with it being Kayden's 1st birthday and the last weekend of summer... Don't even get me started on that- I might cry... I realized this is my last summer. Ever. I will be interning and getting a real job (fingers crossed) from here on out! UNreal. I seriously miss undergrad and college life. Those were the good old days...

I was an idiot moron "frugal" when ordering books this semester and ordered used on Amazon. I ordered all of my books for under $700 (half of last year!) and was extremely satisfied when I even scored 2 day shipping!! SIKE. 2 day shipping. Not 2 day delivery. Apparently they ship it immediately (where it goes, I have no clue) and an estimated date of 4 weeks delivery pops up AFTER you pay... Anyhow, I have been scrambling around borrowing Emily's books after she reads them (she's the best). It's been so frustrating and already a damper to the beginning of my second year of law school. (My goals this year: no facebooking, blogging, or anything else online- just note taking...we'll see how long that lasts). While borrowing our Domestic Relations book, I notice our first assignment is 92 pages. 92. almost 100 (in case you needed help). Welcome back to school. I stayed up until 3 am reading all 92 pages (some pages more than once because nothing was registering. I would read a paragraph and realize I was thinking, 'why?! why am I doing this?!' or 'when am I gonna finish my room? I love the gray walls...' and have to reread the whole thing because I wasn't retaining anything.

BUT WAIT! It's not your typical Debbie Downer post... it get's better!

I nervously walk into class and take a seat beside Emily (making her put her book in the middle so no one could tell whose book it really was- I couldn't afford looking like the book-less reject), and await anxiously for our professor to walk in. I kid you not, it took the two of us 15 minutes to finally pick a seat, we relocated 4 times because we didn't want to be in the line of fire in case the professor decide to pick on us like last year. We finally picked a spot that didn't look like we were hiding too much, and yet not so close/eager as to be volunteered in the event our eyes met.

Our professors walked in and seemed friendly enough. Yep, 2 professors for a small elective class of 50. I was confused how it would work but already liked both of them. I'll explain why.

  • Both are successful attorneys (so I know they have real busy lives not going home thinking about who to torture next)
  • Both are funny (makes class less boring)
Let's get back to successful. Can I brag a little? Professor _____ is the bomb dot com. He's frequently the family law correspondent on Nancy Grace, ESPN, Dr. Phil, and other shows. He's on top 100 list of Attorneys, and he is the founding partner of the biggest family law firm here. Wow. I'm pretty much honored to be in this class that everyone's trying to get into! I'm more honored that with a resume like that he even takes the time to teach... he obviously doesn't need it with his $525/hour billing rate... SHEESH. I was getting excited about charging $250 one day... goal readjustment? jk. (I'm totally kidding, it's not the money people... take a joke!)

The other professor has just as impressive of a resume, being part of one of the largest family law firms in the state. She's funny and super nice and you can tell interrogation is not on their agenda this year. **WHEW** deep sigh of relief... I don't think I could handle it! 

I just had to let some people know how my first day went- so, I had to update before I dive into another 100+ pages of Constitutional Law (yippee! <--not). 

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  1. Note to self- order books early! That was my biggest fear this semester, and I just ordered one book! Good to know that 2 day shipping is not alwyas as fast as it sounds!!! Haha but this is great!!