Saturday, August 7, 2010

How Much for the Ghost?

I saw a ghost today. A real live dead ghost. Ordy Boy and I made plans to go to some Estate Sales and just browse and spend our Saturday driving sale to sale seeing what treasures we could find. I found a few things that I can spray paint some second life onto, but all in all I left the people with their junk. I have concluded the following: I like yard sales WAY more than estate sales... Yard sales = hope. New move, new life, new opportunities... Estate sales = creepy. Someone is allowing strangers to pick through someone else's stuff. ALL their stuff. I mean, even the laundry detergent. It's weird to me... Usually I can appreciate a good deal, but I can't help but walk in there and think of the life that was at the house previously, and what they would think if they knew all these rando's were saying, "how much for this??" at the 'treasures' they accumulated over the years... It made me think about what I want done with my stuff when I leave this earth (written down, not blog material haha).

Anyhow, we made our way around the sales near my house and decided we couldn't afford anything so we made our way to Acworth. We scooped up India and headed to some nearby houses. We were at this one house, and India and I made our way to the basement, when we noticed a little girl. She was in the middle of the room and the door to the room had a, "no momming zone" sign hanging on the front (whatever that meant). The entire house was full of old stuff (junk), and this little girl was just sitting in the middle of the floor playing with her feet smiling and staring at the ceiling. She had frizzy hair and looked like she lived in the basement... the other woman in the room was shuffling through books and records and didn't even seem to acknowledge the girl. I thought it might be her mom, but it didn't seem like it after the girl looked at India and I and said in the creepiest/mellowest voice, "heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy" in a faint whisper. I'm NOT kidding. It was SO creepy. The 'mom' didn't even look behind to see who her 'daughter' was greeting. Just doing her own thing. The girl looked at India and read her shirt slowly, "piiiiink." I was so freaked out, it was just so weird. I went to look at India's reaction to all this but I couldn't catch her, she was flying up the stairs so fast! I caught up to her and she freaked out, "did you see that??!?!?! Or was I the only one that could see her???" hahahaha. I most definitely saw it, and it will probably give me nightmares... Only, I totally don't believe in ghosts. But it was a funny story and it was our last estate sale for the day hahaha.

First Treasure of the Day! 
I Can't Wait to Make It Pretty!
Loved This For a Bathroom! (Diff Lamp Shades)
We moved on from yard sales to the antique mall. I fell in love with something. Something that I can't get my mind off of. I can't mention what it is now, I don't want to jinx getting it. I'm SO obsessed with it, I'm already redecorating my room in my head to make room for it. I seriously am selling stuff to pay for it without any guilt! The price is too steep for something I don't NEED (since I didn't even know I wanted it before I saw it)... but I couldn't just leave it there- so I put in an offer. I left worried what if they accept my offer, I'm stuck with getting it and my offer is STILL too expensive for a WANT. I haven't even ordered text books yet! Priorities... Anyhow, I think if I do get it, my life will be complete (HA!) and I will be the happiest girl in the world. I will also have a lot of repainting/redesigning to do in my bedroom. It's like a never ending "project" living in this house for me haha. I can't wait to have a huge house for me to decorate. I'm so ready for my dream closet, kitchen, craft room, and barn. Not demanding at all, right? Anyway, Ordy Boy has been pooped from today and is napping the night away. I should probably wake him up... but here are some pics of my handsome puppy!

My Puppy Face
How Could I Resist This Face?!
Taking Up the Whole Bench Ottoman
Mama's Boy
Yeah, I'm Cute. 

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  1. o my goodness i totally agree with you on the estate sale...creepy! i can't believe you saw a ghost, i would have FREAKED out. kinda think i will never go to an estate sale again. glad you found some good finds at the antique store, i can't wait to see what you put a bid on!!