Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rachel's Going to Africa...

This weekend we spent pretty much the whole weekend partaking in "Farewell Festivities" for Ordy's sister. She's going to Africa for three weeks to help serve Watoto. Watoto is an holistic care programme that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda, whose lives have been ravaged by war and disease. I'm so so so proud of her for making such a huge commitment to go and serve others. It's such an honor to support her. I love traveling but I can't imagine going to the places my friends have gone to and are going to. (Like my bff Lauren Bartell) I'm encouraging Rachel to start a blog, I'd love to follow her!

Anyhow, we spent all weekend sending her off basically. Friday night, we had a going away party for her and it was fun to be around everyone that loves and will miss her. Amy's dad had a touching story that really made all of us tear up!

Saturday night we were headed to the Watoto Baby Shower they were throwing. Basically, it was a generic baby shower for the orphanage the team was going to be visiting. They registered for stuff at Babysrus and Target and everyone came with gifts and donations for the team. It was such a cute concept and really nice to be able to help since we weren't actually going. The team did such a great job setting up and being really informative. I LOVED all the decorations!

Ordy and I

The baby shower was near my sisters house so Ordy and I decided to stop by for a bit. We walked into a quiet house and were bummed out we missed my nephew Kian and begged to wake him up. I hadn't seen him in a while since school started back in full force and I missed the snot out of him! I walked in to his room against his parents wishes, and spent the best evening playing and taking pictures of him until we left a few hours later. Sorry to have messed up his sleeping schedule Sher, but it was so worth it! He is such a stud, the camera loves him!
Playing with Ki-Ki

I LOVE THIS KID!!! He's so adorable!!! We spent Sunday night out there and at one point at dinner, he decided to shower me with kisses (I WAS LOVING IT!!) and he just poured them on and on and on! I was in heaven! He's such a cute boy, I pray he keeps his personality and sweetness forever. This weekend was a fun, eventful weekend, and it's sad to think I have to go back to another week of school. I'm sad my sister and her family leave Tuesday for Puerto Rico, but happy for their time away together.

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