Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pleasure Doin' Bidness Witcha

So, I have this "friend"... and said friend is extremely paranoid about our friendship. She/he says I never mention her/him. Ever. For as much as I write. And said friend is extremely offended. She/he has complained numerous times that I refuse to claim her/him...

Well, I'm claiming this friend. Tonight. Because this person just put $275 in my pocket from emptying out some contents of my closet. My hangers aren't jam packed anymore!!!! For an average of $7 an item, she walked away with a laundry bag full of 4 bottoms (including J.Crew shorts, Citizens of Humanity Denim), 14 tops (GOOD tops, 1/2 had tags...), 15 dresses (including Free People WITH tags and other adorable stuff), a pair of brand new gold flats, and a jean jacket... that's a LOT of stuff. And a lot of pocket change going to my *bid* that I saw Saturday (which I STILL haven't heard from!!! But am happy to know if they accept it and I have to buy it, I have the money! haha). So, thanks "M." for helpin' a sistah out. (How mad are you?)

Ordy Boy is going to kill me for selling his favorite jeans... I mean, I'm seriously scared to tell him haha... but they don't fit!!! Maybe she'll sell them back when I lose weight?... wishful thinking... but seriously. Ordy LOVED these dark skinny jeans with anchors on the back pocket. She better not wear them in front of him... haha

As I watched her shuffle through my stuff, a feeling of sadness swept over me. It's so crazy how I have kept all this stuff for so long, and how hard it is for me to part with them! I'll look at things and think, 'those can be my GOAL jeans...' and then realize I've been saying that for the past 4 years... I am ready to change. I am sick of my body right now. It's not the body I was intended to have and I am confident of that. I wasn't born huge, I ate my way to the size I am now. I haven't had kids to throw me off track. I am a healthy person who has allowed myself to lead this sedentary lifestyle! I wish I walked as much as I did in France... and WHY NOT?! I LIVE IN THE CITY!!! I can walk to Wachovia, Kroger, Publix, Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Walgreens, CVS, Starbucks... you get the point. (Even though I'd probably have a heat stroke...) It's still possible, and I don't do it. I could walk to my gym and wouldn't. Safety reasons, of course.

I'll discuss my weight goals in a different post (and when it's not 3 a.m.)  but for now, I just want to thank M-m-m-m-mmmy friend. jk. Manal! There I said it...hope you're happy. I just acknowledged our pseudo friendship and now the entire World Wide Web knows it... HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!!! (kidding people...)

I have two separate boxes of stuff. One is for $5 (anything in there, some stuff with tags) and the other is for individually priced stuff starting at $10 (brand new True Religions never worn, brand new Rock and Republics never worn, and other jeans/dresses) if anyone is interested or knows somebody who might be interested. Who's next to dig into my closet? I'm loving this space... sad that after ALL that has left, I barely have room to put away my laundry (and STILL haven't unpacked from Paris because I can't find room for anything!) I really have to organize the closet as soon as all this 'purging' is finished!!

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