Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beautification Week

Yesterday was an amazing day for me. Why? Because I spent the entire day going to my comfort stores. The stores I go to that help me appreciate living in America: Homegoods, Target, Marshalls, Ross, etc. I actually woke up and decided I was going to spend the entire week this week on "Beautification". Sounds vain, but it isn't... it's just a day (in my case this time, week) spent on taking care of yourself to make you feel better. My best friend India and I came up with it a long time ago. Our Beautification nights would consist of her coming over with all of her nail polish and us doing our nails, facials, hair, and anything else to feel pretty at the end of the night... silly, I know. It was usually on dreary nights, bad days, or just any time we felt down about ourselves. We both used to go to Ulta in our slumps and spend a ridiculous amount of money on products we thought would make us feel better. My slumps usually come when I've been so busy with school or life that I've neglected myself. When I feel like losing weight is hopeless, going to Ulta at a time like that proves dangerous. I come back out with 8 different nail polishes that add up to $75... sick, I know. I go in and decide I hate my hair, my nails, and want new make up and face wash (things that I can instantly fix, unlike my weight). I have taught myself to limit my "down days" and taught myself to avoid Ulta when I feel a Beautification Night approaching.

Last Ulta Trip Damage + 4 more colors in my basket *Notice chipped thumb nail, probably prompting the entire BN

Anyhow, ever since being away and having those "fuzzy things" you call eyebrows on my face, losing my amazing Caymans glow, and having grey hairs pop up that Ordy Boy amused himself by plucking out of my head when I wasn't paying attention- I decide a "BN" was needed the first day I got to America. Because I had TOO much to do in order to feel "beautified", I allowed myself to call it a Beautification Week! 

It goes something like this:

Take Care of the Fuzzy Caterpillars: I made my very first stop to my favorite eyebrow threader, Saleema. I can't move out of GA because of this woman. She works miracles, and can make me look 10 lbs lighter in my face because of the right arch. I've been going to her for 6 years now and I know what the word "addicted" truly means. I plan major events around her schedule, it's that serious. 

Get Back the Caymans Glow: I know half the people who read this will scold me, think less of me, and judge me- but what's new haha. I want everyone to realize one thing before I continue: I am incredibly fair skinned. I am naturally very white/pale, and have been known to have porcelain-like skin, but that was years ago before I met the tanning salon. I WILL ADMIT, I used to have a problem, "tanorexia"... and I never felt tan ENOUGH. But, having a sister helps. Sher would give me reality checks and call me Snookie, show pics of me being the tannest (orange-est) person everywhere and not fitting in. So, I toned it down from tanning everyday to tanning 2-3 times a week just to maintain some color. I get grumpy when I am pale. I feel fatter, so tanning is my thing I will probably always budget (a lot) for. Anyhow, I've also realized spray tanning is a much healthier option, and even more practical (I get an instant glow). Second stop for BW, Palm Beach Tan. I unfroze my membership (froze it over the summer since I could lay out, and travel), and enjoyed getting some color back on!

"Snookie" Days

Wash That Grey Right Outta My Hair: I have had grey hair since I was 15. My mom had her first grey hair pop up around then as well, thanks mom. It's not just one or two, it's all over. Mostly around the right side above my eye when you lift the hair up- so I learn how to part my hair and how to pull back my hair for pony tails <-- can't do. I have to have cafeteria woman buns that keep my original part with a low bun in the back because I can't put up my hair and ruin the part, otherwise I would have a streak of grey on the right side going up into the ponytail. Ordy Boy likes playing a game and finding the hairs that are "1/2 and 1/2". Yep, half black and half grey. Anyway, grey no more. I died my hair back to black last night.

1/2 and 1/2 on my way to nail salon

Perfectly Polished: I have always been known to have my nails done perfectly. This is another thing that will always be in my budget. I would rather skip a meal than have busted nails or gross unpedicured feet.  I'm not even talking about fake nails- I don't do fake nails anymore because of the upkeep and the price, I just mean getting some polish on the nails. I think all women should pamper themselves. It's my reward every two weeks. I think that's a fair amount of time to go. My dad used to make fun of me because at one point I was SO BROKE I bought a used tire for my car when I got a flat, but I still had a perfect manicure that he knew was recent. He said my priorities are whack. I will say it's happened once or twice where I have been so tight for money I couldn't make it to the salon to get them done, but I will ALWAYS be able to do them myself at home. There's no reason not to have pretty hands and feet! I recently discovered a new nail polish alternative (through my friend Jenny) and am obsessed. It's like a nail lacquer that lasts 2-3 weeks!!! Imagine that! No easy chipping! I'm in love with it. I had french nails for 3 weeks and loved it. It was a gel that went over and made the nail LOOK like fake nails, but I loved knowing they were my own! 

Before the trip manicure

Eating Better, Feeling Better: I ate such crap on the trip and it's taking its toll. I feel heavier. I can hardly fit in my clothes comfortably. I need to get back to my routine of eating right and working out. Before the Caymans I cut out starch and processed food for 3 weeks and lost 9 lbs. I miss how good it feels to lose weight and see results. It's so discouraging to wake up and know you're a whopping 45 lbs heavier than your high school self. I know I'll never ever be a size 2 again, but it's annoying! I know people only know me as a "bigger boned" girl and I'm ok with it because I'm not FAT, I'm just curvy, or chubby. But it's crazy to think I used to share clothes with my mom and sister, and would be in the "skinny" category, which I could not even come close to being in now. I'm not saying this to milk compliments or have people tell me otherwise, I'm saying it to be real with my feelings. I battle with my weight and it's something that haunts me all the time! I need to quit saying and start doing. I'm going to start my video workouts in my living room again since I just cancelled my gym membership yesterday (hahaha, oh the irony). The story with that: I signed up last year for Anytime Fitness, $350 activation fee and $15 a month 24/7 gym and found myself NOT having ANY time with school and when I found time it was midnight and I didn't feel safe going alone and couldn't convince anyone else to work out there... So, I kept it for a whole year for no reason (I guess I wanted to think I'd get my money's worth??) and read in the contract I randomly found in my car that after the first year the monthly fee doubled. So I had to cancel since I wouldn't go for $15 a month why would I go for $30? Anyhow, I have found myself doing fine with in house workouts and walking around with Bandit outside. 

High School Sheila... haha (LAST TIME I EVER got a haircut!)

I am going to enjoy this week, because who knows when the next one will be!!!



  1. Beautification week sounds good to me. I will have to try that :)

  2. Tami, it's the BEST idea ever!!!! I seriously feel LOADS better when I take time to just take care of MYSELF! It's really rewarding!

  3. 1. my grey hairs are WAY longer when i find them.
    2. thank you for not being orange anymore
    3. i'm going to pretend you didn't spend $75 on nail polish, ha ha