Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to the Motherland!

I am happy to say this post is being written in the comfort of my OWN amazing bed!!! I am staring at the CUTEST little puppy- only he isn't little, and he's hardly a puppy- but still! Bandit and I are together again!

Ordy and I had a long travel day that started at 8 am and it's now 5 a.m. Paris time for us...  As usual, we encountered extremely long lines and software troubles at the airport prevented us from boarding on time in Charles De Gaulle airport. We were supposed to board at 12:45, and didn't really board until 3:45... it was frustrating because I was SO ready to come home to my family! We were boarding the plane when the ticket agent told Daniel he had been upgraded, and he politely declined unless I could go with him to first class... and surprisingly, they agreed! I was so thankful for being able to be comfortable on this long 9 hour flight back. Honestly, International flights should really only be first class haha. When my dad and I travel, first class just meant big leather chairs and enough wine to make you pass out for the long flight- when Ordy and I got into the plane I was surprised to see mini pods as seats! It looked so weird, but so comfy. Only after sitting in one did I realize the function of these mini pod chairs- I could lay completely flat like I do in a real bed! It was amazing! They even gave an all down pillow and the coziest quilted blanket- no thin blue fleece! We were welcomed on board with mimosas and warm assortment of nuts. I had all the leg room I could ever need, and was so thrilled :)

The Pods haha
Leg Room + Quilt + Reclining = Heaven

More Pod Shots :)
Ordy Snoozing

Instead of sleeping the whole flight, I ended up catching up on every movie I've kind of wanted to see, but never got a chance to. I watched: The Back Up Plan (ehh..slow...kind of bad acting), Death at a Funeral (Saw the first version, curious to see if the plot changed in the second one- it didn't. Had some funny parts), Valentine's Day (ok, kind of dragged out), Bounty Hunter (ok, can't stand Gerard Butler), Date Night (decently funny), Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, and Castle episodes. I pretty much am tv/movied out. If you know me, you know I'm not a huge movie or tv fan, so this was all I need to last me the rest of the year- unless Channing Tatum comes out with a movie (rumors of "the vow" with Rachel Mc Adams...yesss).

I had the most amazing chicken with couscous for dinner, smoked salmon for the meal before landing, and an incredible ice cream sundae. I was so cozy in my quilt the entire flight it was easy to forget how long it was taking us to get home!

I was pleasantly surprised that customs, baggage claim, and the shuttle to Grey Lady (Ordy's truck) only took around 2 hours. Customs alone usually takes that long. The whole process of claiming and rechecking your bag in Atlanta is ridiculous, but I don't complain because I like the safety factor! America knows how to do lines at least... we have 50 lanes for passport clearance where everyone else has like 6. Speaking of passport, I'm so pleased to be close to my goal of needing a new passport for space reasons and not expiration! It's always been my dream since I was little going through my dad's passports and seeing all the stamps to rack them up as well. I am on page 21 of 24 in my passport!!! It's that full! <-- huge goal/accomplishment for me (it's been on my 10 year plan/bucket list since I was 9!)

Ordy filled his new one up pretty fast this summer- with the Caymans, Paris, and London! It's been an amazing summer for us and I'm so thankful to have been able to go with him. We're so blessed to be in our 20's and traveling the world. I know it's a rare opportunity, and I'm so thankful to be given the chance!

We FINALLY made it to my sisters to get my car/see the kids and oh.my.gosh. I have missed those little turds!!! My 2 year old nephew had matching Havaiana flip flops on and I almost ate him up right there! My baby girl niece had the prettiest hair growing out I melted a little on the inside. I knew I missed them, but seeing them there made me realize just how much. I hated being away. It reminds me why I will forever be close to my sisters house and can never ever move more than 30 minutes away!

Little Havainas!
Wittle Bitty Guy!
I drove back home and spent 45 minutes catching up with my grandpa on the phone, filling him about the trip and all the fun stuff. I didn't know my blog address (pathetic) to give to him, but I will call tomorrow so he can check up on me and read for himself, considering he called me 10 times while I was gone and worried I was in a ditch somewhere because I forgot to even tell him about the trip! Oops.. haha my mom told him I was away and he was soooo happy to hear. I asked, "happy that I'm alive?" and he said, "no! happy you went to Paris with who you went with!! I Love France and love that you went with him!" I love my family and how much they love me to share the same excitement as me. Did I ever mention how much I love my grandpa, 'bobo'? If not, I just did. He's the best. I love him SO much I catch myself whining in bed at nights wondering why he lives so far from me (Colorado Springs)! I don't know many middle eastern grandpa's that are as cool as him, I guess being in the states over 40 years helps. He's always there for me. I call him at 2 am when I can't sleep... I call him when I'm on my monthly and hate life and want to stay in bed all day and ask him why I was born a girl (TMI, I know, but all my followers are girls haha, and no, it's not TMI for bobo- he cares!), and I call him when I need advice on any aspect of life. I know this was supposed to be a travel entry, but talking to bobo tonight made me think about how much I love him and how blessed I am to have him in my life! I hung up the phone more satisfied than I ever have been with just a girl friend. It felt so good telling him every detail of the trip. He asked if I saw his favorite spots and we discussed our love for France and it made me think how lucky I am to have him in my life. I can hear him smiling through the phone, and I feel the same exact way when he calls. Not many people can talk about their boyfriends to their dads, let alone their grandpa's, and we talk about Ordy 50% of the time! He's so amazing he's even on facebook :)

Bobo and I in CO, 2009

Sorry, back to being home. Bandit is comfy on his bed (so hard to keep him off my bed and not cuddle) and I am loving life right now because my sweet dog/house sitter left everything just like I left it and I don't have to clean anything up! I just get to update the blog and crawl in bed until I unpack tomorrow- best feeling ever!

My bed was even made! Bless her :) ha

K, now that it's officially 6 am (to me), I think I will call it a night!!! So happy to be safe at home!

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  1. Welcome home and thank you for sharing your adventure :)